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Heathen66 reviewed Bespin C3aPO RDA on 17/09/2014

My first dripper, it looks lovely sat on top of my Nemesis clone & vapes like a trooper. Seriously, if you are looking for something to try dripping with...this is very rewarding! Proper value for money

paul reviewed OCD Connector (Screw Adjust) on 17/09/2014

OCD connector works great thanks

Top quality kanth from a top quality vender. Ye canny beat it

Vince reviewed eGo -eGo Adapter on 12/09/2014

Great adapter Now I can use a 510 clearo on my K101 again.Tip block centre hole of adapter with silicone plug or a tiny blob of sealant to prevent any flooding that would reach the original 510 well. And you will rarely have to remove it again.

Michael reviewed Kanthal A1 Wire 10m, 25m, 50m Reels / Spools on 10/09/2014

I've been building coils for about a six months now. Stealth Vape Kanthal is a high quality product at a great price. I have been experimenting with a wide range of weird and wonderful coils and this stuff is indestructable. I have never had one burn out or fail on me. The delivery is fast and the g...

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