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Stewart Spurrier reviewed 3.2mm Heat Shrink tubing on 27/11/2014

It shrinks therefore it works. Thanks StealthVape

Stewart Spurrier reviewed Silver Tactile Switch With Spherical Actuator on 27/11/2014

I managed to break the leg off one of the buttons on my mod. I purchased this replacement and it is perfect. Thanks StealthVape

Stewart Spurrier reviewed Replacement DNA 20D/30D OLED Screen on 27/11/2014

I managed to break the screen on my DNA board whilst fitting. I purchased this to replace the damaged screen. I had this fitting in no time with no special tools, just my trusty soldering iron. Thanks StealthVape, I'm a happy vaper again :)

CHP reviewed Evolv DNA 40 on 26/11/2014

The temperature control is the greatest thing since regulated mods. It is a bit picky, if the connection is not a hundred percent ok it won't work. This is to be expected because in such extreme sub-ohm ranges every small parasitive connector resistance has a huge impact. Now I can suck my dripper d...

Perfect diameter for my fingers. Resistance and pressing distance (2mm) are great too. A bit long, so it takes up much space inside a BoxMod.

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