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Random reviewed AWG Sized Kanthal A1 Type Flat Wire on 12/11/2016

Once, I saw a stoat. Have not seen any since that day.

Pete Carss reviewed Standard Issue Resistance Wire on 12/11/2016

Been using the 26g in Genesis builds. Seems to have better characteristics than Kanthal.

James reviewed AWG Sized Kanthal A1 Type Flat Wire on 12/11/2016

Far easier to coil with, increased surface area noticeable and a great vape, just drains batteries!! Awesome wire, as usual from strath vape, just wish it was available in a thinner high resistance form: if I could get 0.35 and 0.3mm equivalent I would use only this.

Tony sheikh reviewed 316L Stainless Steel Wire - Annealed on 12/11/2016

Great service as usual thank you

Jason reviewed Clear Atty Swirl Gaskets on 12/11/2016

Perfect for those atty's that have longer 510 threads or mods like joyetech that have short threads. Thanks Stealth Vape :)

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Smart PWM V2.2

Smart PWM V2.2
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WARNING:  Smart PWM boards are not recommended for beginner electronics hobbyists.  There are no on board safety features, so they have to be added off the board. Use at your own risk.

**If ordering from The US please use Voltrove Electronics**

Designed by Mark Mathis, the Smart PWM V2.2 is the successor to the V2.1 board with some updates and improvements. 

The Smart PWM boards are low frequency variable voltage regulators.   They switch an N channel MOSFET, use an analog potentiometer to adjust the duty cycle up/down, utilize and LED indicator and a momentary on switch to fire as well as for other functions. They do not use a display.  You can add a voltmeter if you like and while it’ll work similarly to other low frequency PWM setups(555 timers, etc.), but it won’t read an accurately. 

The Smart PWM boards switch a MOSFET in a similar way as the 555 timers, but they have many extra features like lock/unlock, a 10 second run timeout, low battery warning, low voltage cutoff, reverse polarity and a “regulated” mode to provide a consistent voltage throughout the whole life of the batteries, and even after you swap batteries.


  • Footprint: 13x33mm
  • Input voltage: 2s-4s
  • Output voltage: Adjustable between 0-100% loaded battery voltage
  • Idle Current: ~5mA typical @ idle(28mA max while firing)
  • Voltage measurement accuracy:
  • Output accuracy: 4.5% typical
  • Switching  frequency: 122hz /500hz
  • Vgs = 4.5v typical
  • Reverse polarity protection: Yes
  • Pot value: 10k pot only
  • Led pin current:: ~10mA, but varies with LED selection(330Ω on board resistor)
  • Idle drain: 4mA typical

Manual available here

Schematic available here


Mark the designer of the Smart PWM boards takes customer support very seriously and has set up a friendly facebook group to offer support and guidance and provide further resources such as instructional videos, the most up to date wiring schematics and troubleshooting. The Smart PWM facebook group can be found here

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