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Stealthvape is more than a company; it is embedded in the soul of the modding community. Rob and Emma have developed a reputation among vapers for quality, service and innovation. There is nothing stealthy about our vape business: from small beginnings, where Rob would make box mods and organise group buys for friends, Stealthvape has grown rapidly over the last three years. Despite this increase in volume, from repeat and new customers, the reputation for personalising the service remains.

“Our customers are concerned about service and quality, they can tell the difference.”

“We want each individual to feel like they matter.”

We cherish the five star reviews we receive on the website, as well as the glowing reviews that our company gets on internet forums but the most rewarding part of the job is the wonderful feedback when customers feel so happy with the products and service that they write to us directly. While Stealthvape continues to grow we are not content to rest on our laurels, Rob is constantly fired up to broaden the product range on offer with quality products for our customers.

“We’ve become a trusted business in a niche we genuinely love.”

“We strive to continually innovate and introduce original products.”

Recent additions include Voodoowool, a fantastic step forward in wicking material, plus both the OCD washers and the Screws Of Destiny designed with the help of Jim. We are very proud to be able to offer these kind of products within our range. 

“I’m really excited about the work we’re doing with Jim to develop the the tips and take the concept from design to market”

“When you buy from Stealthvape you can expect excellent service and products of genuine quality.”

As an important part of our shared community we believe that it is vital to include our customers in new developments. We frequently send out samples of new products, carry out forum giveaways and support local charities. Your input helps us to continue to get better at what we do. As we move to the future with the trademark and becoming Stealthvape Limited we will always remember our roots and no matter how big we get there will always be only one important person involved in this company – and that’s you, the customer.

Emma & Rob

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