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Created: 18/04/2019Comments: 0
  Back in 2016, scientific friend to the vapersphere (and all-round good egg) Dr Kanstantinos Farsalinos inadvertently caused a kerfuffle by discussing “dry burning” coils in an interview on what was the old Ry4 vape radio channel. Concerns fluttered across the internets that we were exposing ourselves to potential unknown harms when building and maintaining our wire and coils for..
Created: 19/03/2019Comments: 0
  400 Watts! Why??!!   Good question. A box mod with the ability to safely deliver 400 watts of power does at first glance appear to be a little bonkers. In an interview with DJLSB, Brandon from Evolv (the manufacturers of the DNA 250C board for modders) said 400 watts was unvapeable.Why? Because he’d tried it. So why would he make a board that does such a thing?..
Created: 11/03/2019Comments: 0
Which is Best: Silver, Silver plated, or Copper Contacts?   We get asked this a lot. And there’s always one answer: “That would depend....”   Each material has its benefits, and also its drawbacks. Selecting which to use in your device can depend upon several key factors, and depending upon which factor you wish to prioritise, the answer to the question “Which is the b..
Created: 03/03/2019Comments: 0
We are delighted to announce that Stealthvape is now the official Evolv and Lost Vape Service Centre for Europe and the Rest Of the World outside of the U.S.A.   We have been working closely with the two companies to be able to offer a comprehensive warranty repair and RMA service to modders and individual consumers. We are extremely proud to be a part of this initiative and s..
TFR CSV Files For Our Wires
Created: 10/02/2019Comments: 0
What is TCR or Temperature Coefficient of Resistance? Every wire material has a specific resistivity. As a wire heats up, its resistance will increase in a predictable way based on its TCR. TCR for a material is usually measured by the wire manufacturer using MIL-STD-202 Method 304, which uses a series of test temperatures. The first series is 25°, 0°, -15°, and -55°C; the second se..
Created: 10/02/2019Comments: 0
We're very sorry to see an announcement posted on UK VapeFest's official facebook page that what would have been the 10th event, VapeFest 2019 event will not be happening. When Ric, Vapefest's previous organiser stepped down after the 2018 event the committee vowed to "build upon the legacy and bring more UK Vapefests for the vaping community to enjoy" in their announcement shortly after Va..
Evolv DNA250C - What we know so far
Created: 18/02/2018Comments: 0
Evolv DN250C boards now available here **Disclaimer, the following information is pieced together from the limited information we have been told by Evolv, along with a good helping of internet rumour. There may be inaccuracies, mistakes or complete fabrications**     Evolv are soon to release the long anticipated colour screen version of their 250 watt board the EVOLV DNA250C..
Created: 21/09/2017Comments: 0
“You spin me right round, baby. Right round like a record, baby. Right round round round.” Yes, it’s like the 80’s never went away because the very next thing we are going to mention is Michael J. Fox. Just about now: Michael J. Fox. ..
Created: 21/09/2017Comments: 0
Last week we highlighted a problem, but it isn’t fair to leave it hanging. Vape crime is serious and needs a serious solution. Stealthvape doesn’t have a solution, we have loads of them - and not one includes actually killing somebody. This may disappoint some of you, we suggest you make additional plans for that kind of thing and not involve us. ..
Created: 15/09/2017Comments: 0
Vapers have been ignored and unappreciated for far too long. Some companies have made valiant efforts to accommodate those ecig users with miles more money than sense – but, quite frankly, the discerning high end has been underserved. We have partnered a major organisation in an effort to correct this. ..
Created: 15/09/2017Comments: 0
There are crimes even greater than wearing socks with sandals or leaving your tray of rubbish on the McDonalds table. Vaping is front and centre in the following tales of assault and murder. As Shaw Taylor used to say: “Keep ‘em peeled!” ..
Created: 08/09/2017Comments: 0
The signs are there, literally, extolling the benefits of taking a break now and then. Going hard at something to get it completed is all well and good, but when tiredness kicks in there’s a mistake soon to be looming. Every driver has seen the signs on the motorways or major holiday routes – park up and kick back for a bit. A vape company claims that they have evidence nonsmokers would lik..
Created: 08/09/2017Comments: 0
You never know when a crisis will hit. Imagine the typical scene: it’s a sunny day, barely a cloud in the sky, and everybody is happy. It’s just another ordinary day in this land we like to call home. But what’s that? Over there, what’s that? ..
Created: 01/09/2017Comments: 0
It’s the time for new beginnings. We all make daft promises about changing our lives in some fashion shortly after eating tons of rubbish at Xmas – but this is the pivotal season, it’s the moment we’re accustomed to moving schools, changing classes and embracing new challenges. ..
Created: 01/09/2017Comments: 0
There is something cool about being in the minority and rebelling against the status quo. It’s something associated with being young, headstrong and carefree – the anger of youth raging against the establishment. You don’t have to agree with the underlying principles, but black and red will never go out of fashion. Yes, being a rebel is cool. And that’s vaping. ..
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