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Evolv LLC are world renowned designers and manufacturers of the most intuitive, consistent and sophisticated vaping products in the marketplace today. Their industry leading power regulation, temperature limiting and Replay DNA boards allow users to accurately and reliably tailor their vape experience safely and easily.

Evolv DNA boards are unparalleled in their popularity and functionality, providing highly efficient accurate monitoring and output. Over the years Evolv have completely revolutionised the vaping industry by producing groundbreaking and innovative technologies. In 2011 they introduced us to the now ubiquitous variable wattage board, quickly followed by the equally revolutionary concept of temperature controlled vaping. Evolv then with the DNA200 allowed vapers to use devices truly capable of providing the high wattage many manufacturers claimed but could not deliver.

The DNA 200 was followed by the more powerful DNA 250, catering perfectly for the direct to lung vaping community. The DNA 75 and DNA 60 boards served the lower wattage vapers and were perfect for smaller form factor devices. Building upon their advancements and success, the world was then introduced to the unique concept of “Replay”. Initially appearing in the immense DNA250C board, then the DNA 75C and now the DNA 100C, this function again changed the limits of what an electronic vaping device could do. The DNA C board Replay function allows you to fine tune and replicate your ideal “puff. The regulation board constantly monitors and adjusts a plethora of real-time parameters whilst you vape. The board records this data and uses it to cleverly adjust its output, meaning you can find and “replay” the perfect vape over and over again.

Alongside the innovative function technologies, Evolv are famed for producing boards and devices built to the highest standards possible. DNA boards are astoundingly efficient when calibrated correctly, and are some of the easiest boards to use both as a vaper and as a mod maker. Wiring and installation of DNA boards is remarkably simple, and are an extremely popular choice in the DIY box mod community. This ease of use when coupled with competitive pricing and an outstanding warranty service makes Evolv DNA boards the logical choice when building your own DIY box mod for vaping.

As Official Evolv Suppliers / Distributors and as the Official Evolv Europe/ Rest Of World Warranty Service/ Repair Centre, we work closely with Evolv to guarantee a seamless service to Evolv customers retail and wholesale alike. We strive to provide our customers the highest quality products and best levels of customer service available. Here you will find our large selection of official Evolv products backed up by our warranty and repair expertise. So whether it’s just a DNA replacement screen you’re after, or a large wholesale order of DNA boards, everything you need can be found here. 

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