Rest in Peace

There was a time when every forum was awash with new vapers asking for coiling advice. More precisely, they wanted to know how to make a 1.4-1.8Ω coil without our dear friend the hot spot. For those of you who weren’t vaping in 2013, this was before everyone began coiling at a ridiculously low 1.2Ω, which, in turn, was shortly before the world went barmy, and began coiling at 1.0Ω.

So not only do we bid hot spots a safe journey to the vape rack in the sky, but we need to shed a tear for all of those over-ohm coils and their stainless mesh wicks. The debate will never be closed; was it better to heat the mesh in a flame or pulse a new coil to bed it in? No one cares anymore; the young vapers of today have no idea what they missed.

And they missed a hundred different ways to manufacture a genesis/genisys/geneysis/geniusises/whatever and still lay claim to originality and an improved quality of vape. The genny had its heyday and then became the weird cousin at a family reunion. Some might like to think it isn’t dead but that’s like attempting to claim the classical British motorcycle industry has never been in a healthier position. You still see Ariel Square Fours on the road from time to time, but they are nothing more than ghosts reminding us of a more romantic period. As is the genny, a product from a bygone era that kindles warm memories in the hearts of those who once owned one. Or several.

And how did the genny come to be owned? Through websites no longer with us and the F5 button. We will miss you, F5. As rumour cascaded down the vaping grapevine of the launch of a new product, keyboards used to be smashed into oblivion by vapers desperate to get their hands on something that would hit harder, taste better or look more, err, whatever it was. It is time for the F5 button to be prised from its place and buried near the cabbages.

We also commit the word Pinoy to the place beyond this realm. As the vaping boom really began, never have so many grown adults got so excited about metal tubes doing the job that all the old metal tubes did. At least, not since they argued late into the night about whether a genuine metal tube could be any different to a cloned metal tube. Pinoy goes to its final resting place, now their wares have slumped from fashion, alongside clone wars arguments.

Because there was once a time when we were ecstatic about the prospect of a mass new product launch. In 2014, to be precise, we were flipping out over twenty…yes, TWENTY…new mech mods being launched at Vapefest. That was set to double the number of original mods on the market.

We commit these items from vaping’s history to the ether, and cherish their memory for delivering us to a point where vaping is working for over 2.8 million people in the UK alone. What a great job they all did.