SV’s Great Year Pt.2

Seeing as we’re looking back at what was, it’s appropriate that we start with the time we looked even further back in time. All because some idiot thought the Fortuna SubOhm Tank would be a great idea. It remains as clever as Leicester selling Kanté, Samsung using that exploding battery or having held a belief that the Chilcot report would change anything.

Halfway through the year we believed that Brexit would or wouldn’t change vaping, and that the TPD (as it stands) will restrict smokers’ access to the truth about swapping to ecigs. How can we overcome this obstacle? “It’s us – we are the sexy advert. Everywhere we go, everything we do, we’ve got to exude the very essence of sexy. Now, for you and me it’s going to be pretty easy. We are sexy beasts.â€

Consequently, maybe it’s time to preserve the present, we thought to ourselfves. Maybe it’s time to get busy with the Stealthvape Vape Pot™. It was the moment when industry experts sat up and nodded in unison, they understood why we hold a sterling reputation for delivering ground-breaking products and inventing new segments of the market.

We stood should to shoulder with the poor women and men who’ve spent every penny they own on developing a ridiculous vape collection. And we lined up next to those who can no longer afford to augment their current array of devices. We care, and that’s why there’s now a Home for Vapers.

Then men chased a football in France, women in shorts grunted on Wimbledon courts and lots of people cheated while running about and jumping a bit in Brazil. We can do that, we decided. But we can do it better: the Stealthvape International World Vape Championathon.

We wrote to the Department of Health to point out that they could reduce spending but still reduce smoking rates and improve the health of the nation. Unfortunately, Jeremy Hunt did not turn up to our meeting in Hooters so we drank the sangria ourselves. Not stopping there, we also contacted the Ministry of Defense with some brilliant ideas about doing war on the cheap – all thanks to vapers. The letter wasn’t just another poor excuse to go to Hooters again. That would have been sad.

Maybe the augmented vaping idea wasn’t brilliant. Maybe the plans for the Museum of Vaping hadn’t been fully thought through. Maybe. But our Efficacy of Vaping Survey was a blinding success. Thirty brief questions, with only one mistake from the fool who typed them in, the Stealthvape Efficacy Survey produced some fantastic information and was covered by a number of other people.

Whatever happens in the big world, we hope that the end of the year finds you happy and healthy – and we wish that for you and yours going into 2017. Have a great New Year.