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Standard Issue Resistance Wire

Standard Issue Resistance Wire
Standard Issue Resistance Wire
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We're pleased to offer a cheaper alternative to the popular kanthal A1 wire that we're all familiar with. This wire is another FeCrAl alloy with some small differences in makeup, specifically trace metals listed below.

Composition %

  C Si Mn Cr Al Fe
Kanthal A1 0.08 0.7 0.4 23.5 5.8 Balance
Standard Issue       25 5 Balance

Standard issue resistance wire can be substituted for kanthal a1 wire due to its resistivity being almost identical.

Wire Electrical resistivity at 20°C Ω mm2/m Ohms/m
Kanthal A1 0.40mm / 26g 1.45 11.74
Kanthal A1 0.50mm / 26g 1.45 7.5
Standard Issue 0.40mm / 26g 1.44 11.5
Standard Issue 0.50mm / 24g 1.44 7.4

Because the resistivity of Kanthal A1 and Standard Issue resistance wire are so similar you can use your favourite coil calculator such as The Steam Engine by Lars Simonsen and just choose Kanthal A1.

We've found this wire is slightly softer than Kanthal A1 making it easier to handle but still more than strong enough to hold it's shape when pre-forming coils.

75m, that's 246ft in old money for the rock bottom price of £4.99 or £4.16 if you're outside of the EU (or qualify for zero VAT). We're fairly certain that makes this the cheapest Kanthal A1-type wire available on the vaping market - certainly the cheapest in the UK.

Is there a catch? We're not sure. We had to buy this wire in extremely large quantities and ship it by sea to get the price this low and it is composition is slightly different from Kanthal A1. Whether this will translate to a noticible difference in quality either for the better or for the worse will be down to each customers experience, we can't tell the difference. If it wasn't for the very slight difference in how ductile it is and the barely perceivable colour difference (and we mean barely) we wouldn't be able to tell them apart. They vape the same to us.


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