Silicone Squonk Bottles

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Here you will find the best squonk bottle in the UK. Our famous Stealthvape Goldilocks silicone squonker bottles are made to FDA and LFGB Certification standards. Uniquely, all our BF bottles are sterilised in a medical grade autoclave at 134 °C for 10 minutes before being sealed in an airtight packet. 

Our in-house sterilisation process ensures that the bottles reach the customer in the cleanest possible state. This keeps contaminants at bay right up to the point of initial use. With good care and hygiene these bottles will last you a long time. For maintenance tips please see our guide to cleaning squonk bottles here.

Alongside our Goldilocks BF bottles you will also find our selection of Squonk Refill bottles manufactured for us by Xstar. These bottles are used to help you fill your BF bottle without removing it from your device. The caps feature a non-conductive threaded cap which screws directly onto your mod’s 510 connector. Liquid passes through the 510 connector and tube directly into your bottle. This refill method is both extremely convenient and also mess and fuss -free. The squonk refiller bottles are available in either a hex or round shape and in a variety of colours. Bottle Caps are either regular 0cP155 PEI (Ultem) or black 0cP155 PEI (Black Ultem).

So whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing squonk mod, or just searching for an easy way to refill your squonker, we have the best silicone vape bottles on the market to choose from.