Battery Tubes

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Battery tubes are important components of many custom vape mod devices. The tube allows the secure housing of a cell, and the positive and negative connections are soldered onto the component itself.  A battery tube will consist of a cylindrical body with positive and negative solder points at the top. At the bottom of the cylinder you will find a threaded battery cap, allowing for the secure and easy fitment of the cell.

Tubes for batteries come in many sizes, with the most popular being the classic stainless steel 18650 design. Because vapers now use many different cell sizes, 18350 and 21700 options have become increasingly more in demand. These components are ideal for use in wooden devices, found often in stabilized wood mods and sometimes in mods made from Ultem or Delrin.

Tubes are often available in a variety of finishes. At Stealthvape we offer a range of custom choices, expertly designed and laser-etched by us in- house.

Below you will find our selection of available options.

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