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A mod switch is a component that can either connect or disconnect the conduction path in an electrical circuit. A switch can interrupt the electric current or it  can divert it from one conductor to another. It can be an incredibly important mod part, either turning a mod on or off or making the mod actually fire.

Switches of different types can be used in mechanical or regulated mods. In a regulated mod the component can be wired to the regulation board and can be used to operate a number of functions. In other types of device such as an unregulated mosfet build or a PWM Mod, the switch is used to control the firing of the mod. Sometimes a modder will use a one just to give the user a satisfying “click” to fire experience. Because everybody loves those clicky-click feels.

Here you will find our selection of the best switches for mods in the UK. Available in a range of styles, sizes, types and finishes, you’re sure to find something perfect for your next boxmod project.

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