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Updates from Stealthvape

** IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT ** The Future Is Happening Now

Author: David Mottram Created: 02/06/2019 Last Modified: 02/06/2019  
It’s time we Introduced our Non- Sibling Specific projects, Modparts and SV Supplies. And also something pretty damned big and exciting
The keen eyed amongst you will have spotted these already, and may have wondered what we’re up to. 
Basically, we’ve created two new divisions at Stealthvape. One to concentrate upon the wholesale distribution of specialist wires and one to focus upon supplies to the mod making community. 
But there’s also something else MASSSIVE that we’d like to tell you about. 
SV Support Ltd. has been formed as part of the Stealthvape Group, a company dedicated to handling the support services we provide to our corporate industry clients. This includes our work as the European & ROW Warranty/ Repair Centre for Evolv LLC and Lost Vape as well as exciting new future partnerships. 
As you can imagine, we think this is very good news. 

Dry Burning and Pulsing your Coils: What You Need to Know...

Author: David Mottram Created: 18/04/2019 Last Modified: 25/04/2019  


Back in 2016, scientific friend to the vapersphere (and all-round good egg) Dr Kanstantinos Farsalinos inadvertently caused a kerfuffle by discussing “dry burning” coils in an interview on what was the old Ry4 vape radio channel. Concerns fluttered across the internets that we were exposing ourselves to potential unknown harms when building and maintaining our wire and coils for vaping. We panicked. We argued. We consulted arcane metallurgic grimoires and tomes. But mostly we just argued, nothing much actually happened, and the rest, as they say, is confined to the lore of vape history....


But some effects of that discussion remain. With the massive popularity of complex coils like Fused, Staple Staggered Fused and Alien Clapton coils, and their increasing use amongst folk relatively new to the rebuildable atomiser world, people are (quite rightly) asking questions about the materials and techniques they’re now using. They want to know how to correctly make their resistance wire work properly for them. They want to know what’s the best way for them to clean their coils. They want to know how to make their wire and coils last as long as they possibly can. All of this this they want to do effectively, and most importantly, they want to do it safely.


Is dry burning and pulsing my coils going to make me die? A reasonable question I’m sure most of us would agree.


Category: Updates from Stealthvape
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