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    Source V3 M10 Bottom Fed 510
    Source V3 M10 Bottom Fed 510 Connector You will receive: Main 510 (Core, outer, M10 nut) 10mm mech contact 8mm hex nut contact Large and small C101 copper solder tabs Spring force between 3 to 7.29kg   Features Stainless steel body - M10x1mm thread PEI / 0cP155 insulators Silver plated brass contacts Supplied..
  • Recently Restocked
    NLS G5 DNA250C Enclosure - 12mm Fire - Black
    Important points Suitable for Evolv DNA250C ONLY This enclosure is massive - 125mm x 60mm x 37mm 510 threaded for 30mm Source 510's only (M12x1) It's massive Threaded cutout for 12mm switch with M12x0.75mm thread. We recommend clontec switches It's really massive Magnets will be fitted. Laser etching is available on request Expect a small ..
  • Recently Restocked
    Evolv DNA250C Plus Mounting Kit and Screen / Board Holder
    Please read this post regarding your warranty with Evolv and how we protect your rights as a consumer Two free mounts are available Suitable for our DNA-C actuators A version where the fire button is blanked off suitable for our 12mm DNA250C enclosures using an external sire button and out DNA-C actuators Actuators are not included and are available separa..
  • Recently Restocked
    Evolv DNA60 Large Screen & Charging Board
    Please see here for Steelabs DNA60 USB Ribbon Cables Large screen DNA60 supplied with Charging Board Fundamentally, the new DNA 60 board is similar in size to the old DNA 40 chip board, but this has the added advantages of both power and functionality (with its Escribe software compatibility). The chip will be powered by a single 18650 Lithium-ion battery but will include the benefit of..
Updates from Stealthvape


Author: David Mottram Created: 02/08/2019 Last Modified: 02/08/2019  




…..isn’t here, but we’ve  plenty of things worth getting yourself indignantly over excited about. Many folk were mortified at the bare faced nerve we had to offer you a 33% discount on our wire reels, but we didn’t care. We were even less bothered about what people thought when we hit you with a cynical cash grab 15% discount on Evolv DNA Boards. And now we’re about to something else as equally irksome and daft.

So prepare yourselves for some awesome lack of innovation followers of fashion! This one is almost as good as a pod. We’re going to completely and totally surprise you by giving you a total slap in the expectations. You’re going to feel as cheap and dirty as our  idea.

Ready for it?

Category: Updates from Stealthvape


Author: David Mottram Created: 04/07/2019 Last Modified: 09/07/2019  
A long time ago, in a reality far far away, a man with a plan sat hand winding kanthal onto business cards, with a feverish mission to bring you the finest vape wire in the galaxy....
Some said he was crazy, many scoffed at such a sally, but the evidence is impossible to refute. Ok, we may be a little a bonkers (we’ll certainly give them that), but nearly eight years on our wire mission is totally and utterly well good. Clean, consistent and expertly reeled, we have built our success on providing only the best product to the best customers, and we really are very chuffed and excited about that.
So not only do most of our Kanthal, Ni80, 316L, Ni200 and NiFe reels already come with a whopping 50% extra free, but now there’s also a little something else. A little thank you for trusting our leap into the great unknown....


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