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A wide selection of premade clapton coils for vaping are available, for both Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung vaping styles. Available in Ni80, Stainless Steel 316L and Kanthal, coils are available in a variety of types. Clapton coils come in different resistances and diameters and can suit all types of RDAs and RTAs.

Types of Coil:

Clapton Coils

In the history of the clapton coil, the invention of this coil type is popularly credited to ECF forum member “mrdee3”. The simple clapton coil consists of a single wire strand wrapped (or “Claptoned”) with a thinner gauge wire. This gives the wire an appearance similar to a guitar string, and is named in honour of guitarist Eric Clapton. The increased surface area is thought to yield greater vapor production and improve the flavour experience.

Fused Clapton Coils

A fused clapton coil consists of two or more core wires wrapped in a thinner gauge wire of the same or different material. The wrap wire is said to “fuse” the core wires together, essentially being a parallell coil build that has been “Claptoned” or “Claptonized”. Many types of coild build, such as the Alien Coil, are simply variations of the fused clapton coil. It is argued that having multiple core wires allows the coil to ramp up to temperature faster and will increase vapour production due to the increased overall surface area of the coil. This coil type is often credited to “Squidoode”.

Alien Coils

An Alien Clapton coil (referred to sometimes simply as an “Alien Coil”) is a multi core coil wrapped in a decored Clapton coil. Removing the core wire from a clapton leaves a kinked effect wrap wire, which when wrapped around two or more parallel core wires gives a stunning visual effect. This “alien texture” to the coil gives it a greater surface area than standard fused claptons, and whilst being slightly slower to ramp up can provide an increased level of cloud production. This type of vaping coil is extremely popular and is accredited to designer of the Goon RDA “Blueeyedgoon83”.

Staple/ Framed Staple Coils

A Staple Coil is a thin gauge of wire strand tightly wrapped (or claptoned) around a stack of flat wire or ribbon wires. It is essentially a form of fused Clapton and has a relatively quick ramp-up time because of the thin stacked ribbon cores. A variation of this type is the Framed Staple Coil. The framed staple is a staple coil, with the stacked core ribbon wires being “framed” either side by thicker gauge standard round wire. This is then claptoned finely by a wrap wire, and produces a great amount of surface area.This produces more vapour, and some say even more flavour.

All of these types of coil provide different characteristics, and we suggest experimenting with the different types of vaping coil until you find a coil build which suits your exact requirements. Please be aware that although some of these coils are higher resistance coils (suitable for MTL for example) the majority are low resistance coils and intended for direct lung vaping. Please avail yourself of a working knowledge of Ohm’s law and pay close attention to your batteries’ condition and CDR. A link to Mooch’s blog to check out current ratings for your cells is available here  and a coil calculator to check the resistance of your desired build is here.

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