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Stealthvape Christmas Shipping Dates 2023

Stealthvape Christmas Shipping Dates 2023 It’s the time of year at Stealthvape wherein we celebrate [...]

Exciting News: USA Shipping Resumes

To all our US customers, We are thrilled to announce that Stealthvape UK is resuming [...]

Shipping by UPS

Today, we are beyond excited to announce the addition of UPS to our express shipping [...]

Orders from the USA

We are still able to accept orders manually. Please click on the share cart button [...]

Royal Mail International Services Disruption

**Inland UK Services are Unaffected** UPDATE – Ransomware attack confirmed As the days go [...]

Important Shipping Information

We currently use Royal Mail and DHL as our shipping providers.

Shipping times

Shipping times can vary dramatically during different times of the year and are heavily influenced by worldwide problems such as Corona Virus.

As a rough rule:

Royal Mail to the UK – 1 to 4 days

Royal Mail to international destinations – 7 to 14 days

DHL to the UK – 1-2 days from shipment

DHL to international destinations – 2-4 days

Please be aware that customs inspecting orders or holding orders for import charges due may be possible and could lead to delays.

Stealthvape is Certified to ship Hazardous Goods by Air

Stealthvape are trained and certified in the transport of Section II Lithium Ion Batteries by air in accordance with Section 1 1.6 of IATA DGRs.

Customs Declared Value

We are unable to declare a lower amount on shipments, or declare a product as something different. Please do not ask us to do this.

The range of electronic components we sell are declared with HS codes and descriptions that correctly indicate their category. e.g. Wire, printed circuit board, switches etc

E-cigarette products are declared as ENDS – Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems.

Restricted Products

Some countries have restrictions, or sometimes a total ban on the import of certain products direct to consumer.  In these cases we restrict the sale of some items on a country wide basis.

For example, we cannot ship e-cigarette products to the following countries:

United States

However sales of electronic components, such as switches, wire, power regulator boards are not restricted and declared with correct HS codes and descriptions for their product groups. We do however restrict shipment of e-cigarettes as defined by the TPD/ TRPR. This list of products includes (but is not limited to)  e-cigarette devices, atomizers / pods / tanks, eliquids (both nicotine and non nicotine containing).

Shipping to EU Member states.

We have either received approval for cross border sales of e-cigarettes to retail customers or acknowledgement that no restrictions are in place for a number of member states. No restrictions are in place for our Business-to-Business customers. If you are a business customer wishing to order restricted products please contact us directly.

Some TPD cross border sales applications are in progress, the below list is subject to change.

Currently we restrict shipment of e-cigarette devices, pods and eliquid to retail customers in the following EU countries.

Republic of Cyprus

Shipping to The United States

In December 2020 the US government amended the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act (PACT) to prohibit the online sale of e-cigarettes to children. The legislation, effective from 26th Match 2021, expands the definition of e-cigarettes to include electronic “nicotine delivery systems”. As a responsible vendor we must comply with PACT.

Therefore, from Friday 26 March, Stealthvape Ltd will no longer export to the USA any device that, through an aerosolized solution, delivers nicotine, flavour, or any other inhalable substance, including:

Vape pens
Advanced refillable personal vaporizer
Electronic pipes
Drip Tips
Refills / Pods

The electronic components we manufacture and / or supply collectively known as “Mod Parts and “Rebuildable Supplies” are not covered by this legislation and will be shipped as normal.

If you believe our information regarding these restricted countries is in error please get in touch so we can reassess this list.

It is the customers responsibility to research their own countries import law regarding restricted product. This list is to the best of our knowledge correct however Stealthvape accept no responsibility or liability for stopped, seized or destroyed shipments including any administrative charges billed to the customer by their local governmental or customs agencies for importing prohibited goods.

The relevant TRPR Legislation can be found here.

Relevant TPD Regulation can be found here.