Custom Contacts

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Battery contacts are an essential component in any device, especially important inside mechanical mods and squonkers. You may have selected the right battery for your coil build, but to get the best performance from your mod, you want the best connection you can get. The most popular choice is either copper or solid silver custom contacts. This is because both materials have excellent electrical conductivity. Both have their merits and drawbacks. Read this article to help choose between the two.

If you’re looking to upgrade your squonk mod contacts, or are a modder looking for contacts made to your design, we have options to meet your requirements. We offer standard size top / bottom contacts and solder tabs in both C101 Copper and .99 Solid Silver. The contacts and solder tabs are precision laser-cut and dimpled in-house and serve as an excellent upgrade for existing mods.

We also offer a wholesale bespoke custom contact design and manufacture service for modders. Please contact us to discuss your needs and options now.