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Stealthvape: The home of Independent Mods. 

Envisaged as a range of custom box mods made solely from parts and components designed and manufactured by us, Independent Mods have become famous for being the best and biggest high- powered  box mods in the land. Built by us, using our own designed and manufactured parts, Independent Mods are custom laser etched in house. The only parts that have not been produced by us are the Evolv DNA250C board, lipo, xt60 and wires. These are the mods we use ourselves on a daily basis.

Independent Mods are absolutely MASSIVE and feature the following:

Huge Anodised and laser etched enclosure
30mm BLACK vFLAT 510
BLACK buttons and actuators
2200mah 25/50c 4s Turnigy Nanotech Lipo – Expect in excess of 2 days vaping at 150w+ with a single charge
13/14awg wiring for battery connection and 11/12AWG for output

*Disclaimer – These mods are a spacious 125x60x33mm to accommodate a supplied 2200mah 4s Turnigy Nano-tech lipo. If you like dainty mods do not purchase this item. 

**IMPORTANT: LIPO OPTION IS UK ONLY – These mods are shipped with a 2200mah lipo. Current airline regulations prevent us from shipping these anywhere other than the UK.  For the rest of world please choose the NO LIPO option and source the lipo from this link

Please note  these mods are MASSIVE.

£93.00 Inc VAT / £77.50 Excl VAT