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The control centre of a  regulated vape device, a variable wattage board or variable voltage board allows the user to control their vape. The regulation board regulates the voltage applied to the coil, letting the user achieve their desired vapour experience. Early vape mods used simple voltage regulator boards to regulate the voltage applied to the atomiser, allowing a more consistent vape than an unregulated mechanical mod. Evolv LLC then completely changed the game in 2011 by producing the first ever variable wattage Evolv board inside their revolutionary “Darwin” Mod. 

Variable Wattage Boards.

VW boards constantly monitor the atomiser coil resistance and automatically adjust the voltage applied to achieve the user’s chosen level of power at the coil. If the vaper wants to vape an atty at 50 watts consistently, then the board will regulate the voltage applied to the coil to achieve that wattage. It does this repeatedly and reliably for as long as the cells will allow. 

This level of control was developed further and the first Evolv DNA boards started to appear offering more wattage to the user. These included the Evolv DNA 20 and DNA 30 board before the next step in advancement was made with the DNA 40. Evolv changed everything again when this board first introduced us to “Temperature-Control” vaping.

Temperature Control Boards.

Temperature control devices allow you to set and control the temperature of the coil. With certain vape wire it is possible to  predict the change in the resistance of a coil when it is heated. The DNA 40 was set up to use Ni200 wire, as this wire has a very high temperature coefficient of resistance. (TCR)  A temperature control board detects and uses that resistance change to monitor the temperature and adjusts the voltage to the coil to match your chosen vaping temperature. Later DNA  boards like the DNA75 and DNA 60 allow vapers to use a greater selection of wires for temperature control, such as Stainless Steel 316L, Titanium or NiFe. Vapers share wire specific TFR and TCR curve graphs with one another on the Evolv Forum here.

After the advent of temp control, the industry entered into some kind of wattage race. As direct lung vaping and sub ohm vaping became incredibly popular, vapers wanted to be able to use more and more power. The DNA 200 was released by Evolv, followed later by the DNA 250. During this period Pulse Width Modulation or PWM boards became popular amongst certain groups. PWM boards use a constant voltage output pulse, regulated by pulse frequency, to achieve the user’s desired power. These boards are often controlled with a potentiometer (“Pot”) to control the pulse frequency and are frequently used to vape high power series coil builds. 

DNA Replay Boards.

The industry after this point slowly introduced relatively minor incremental improvements (such as touch screens or colour displays) until eventually along came Evol with yet another revolutionary new vaping technology. The DNA 75C and the the DNA 250C both feature a unique and easy to use mode, called “Replay”. The DNA board monitors and records a dazzling myriad of variables, allowing the vaper to press a button and “replay” their perfect puff. DNA Replay is far more complex and sophisticated than simple wattage and temperature control, and is designed to be able to replicate a specific vape and taste experience. A vaper can dial in their preferred settings, then once they have the ideal hit or puff, can instantly and reliably replicate that hit over and over again. This gives you an immense control over your vape. With the introduction of Replay, Evolv have brought us the most complex and sophisticated vaping technology yet, and the DNA 75C and DNA 250C or immensely popular boards both with mod makers and vapers alike.

Here you will find our fantastic selection of Evolv boards alongside some PWM boards by Voltrove. Many of our Evolv DNA boards come complete with free DNA mounting kits and are covered by the Evolv LLC Warranty Policy which can be found here. As the Official Evolv DNA Warranty and Repair Service for Europe and ROW, by purchasing from us you are ensured the highest level of service and customer care. If you have an issue with any Evolv boards, then please get in touch with us here.

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