Stabilised Wood

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Stabilised wood mods can be beautiful devices, having attractive and eye catching features and finishes. But what is stabilized wood and why would we want to use it in a mod?

Traditional wooden mods can be exquisitely beautiful, but wood can have some pretty undesirable characteristics. Differences in humidity and temperature can cause wood to expand or contract, change size and can even cause the wood to warp. This is either caused by water absorbing into the wood (causing expansion) or by water being lost (causing contraction). This can be a problem for modders working within tight tolerances and also has potential problems for the end user. Mods can easily warp, chip or crack and without correct care can even end up being totally unusable.

The procedure of stabilising wood involves drying the wood to remove moisture. The wood is then place inside a vacuum chamber with the stabilising agent (usually resin). This process removes air from the pores of the wood and allows the resin to fill any gaps or imperfections there may be in the block. It then goes through a process of high pressurisation which forces the stabilising resin to completely penetrate the wooden block. The resin and the wood are then heat treated, turning the liquid stabiliser into a solid. This also then hardens the wood, making it easier for the modder to work with.

The stabilising resin may come in a variety of colours, with an infinite number of dyes being able to be mixed in. The process of making stabilised wood gives every wooden block a unique finish. Alongside the grain of the wood this means that any stab wood being made will never be exactly the same as another. A unique stabwood mod can be a very desirable bit of kit, enhancing the device’s rareity and desirablity. Even if a stab wood mod is mass produced, every single device will have a unique and natural variance.

Any type of wood can be stabilised, but the most common are Oak, Maple, Elm and Burl. When burl is encased in resin it is often known as “Hybrid”. Here you will find our selection of beautiful regular and hybrid stabwood blocks, available in a variety of types, sizes and colours. Ideal for making a stab wood mod of your own!