Cotton Wick

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Cotton wick has by far become an almost universal standard when it comes to wicking a vape coil. It wasn’t always so. Over the years vapers have experimented with silica wick, Rayon Cellulose, stainless steel and even Blue Filler for fish tanks. Organic Cotton eventually became the most popular wick for vaping, and as the industry has matured literally hundreds of types and brands of cotton for vaping have emerged into the market. 

Not all cotton for vaping is created equal though. Vape cotton is predominantly organic, unbleached and made from varieties of cotton chosen for absorbancy and sometimes resistance to heat. Many types of cotton (such as Cotton Bacon and Vape Gods) comes in strips or small pleats, making getting the perfect wick a far easier process now than it has ever been. Many claim different varieties and types of cotton for vaping give different flavour experiences.

Why not sample some of the cotton we offer here and decide for yourself? There’s never been a better time to choose the best cotton for a coil build than now!