510 Connectors

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510 Connectors have become the vape industry standard fitment, connecting the battery mod or vape device to the atomiser. This enables power to be passed from the device to the coil, essential when vaporizing Eliquid. A solid, strong  connection is needed, and the quality of the 510 connector in a device is crucially important.

Here you will find a selection of the best 510s available, including our in-house designed and manufactured “Source” range of 510.  We sought permission from Evolv to use key parts of their open source reference 510 to base our design on. We have enhanced the concept by implementing premium quality innovative new features. Our Source range includes standard pin connectors, and several bottom feed / squonker 510 options are also available. The Source 510 can be found in a variety of 510 plate sizes and colours. We stock 22mm 510s up to 30mm 510s. We have choices for black 510s or standard Stainless Steel.We also have M10 threading options as well as the regular M12 thread.

If you’re looking to include a top quality 510 in your latest box mod build or want to upgrade/ replace an existing 510, then look no further than Stealthvape. We have the best 510 connectors you can buy.

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510 Connectors

Source M12 510 Connector

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510 Connectors

Steelabs Nano V2 510

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