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Free vaping stuff!! 

That’s right. Everything listed here is provided free of charge when you place a regular paid order. Simply add an item to your cart before you check out, and bask in the warmth of getting some free vape things. Choose from items such as a free bag of Organic Japanese Cotton, our famous Stealthvape Atomiser Bands, or perhaps you need some resistors to help you with your next mod build.

We’re not limiting the number of mod part items such as resistors but please show some self restraint and don’t just check out with parts you don’t need for the sake of it. That’s just not very cool at all.

Ideally you should only add resistors etc if they are related to past items you’ve bought or items in the current basket.

We reserve the right to not ship freebies and anyone noticed taking liberties will be taken aside and spoken to most sternly.

That being said, enjoy your chosen gift!

At Stealthvape we like spreading the love.

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