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A mod actuator is a vital component which allows the user to activate functions or control the device. The easiest example of an actuator is the mod “fire button”. The user presses the button and the button then activates the device. An activator transforms force into a desired outcome. In an Evolv DNA mod for example, the force of pressing the button translates into the processes the board performs to make power go to the atomiser. 

Mod actuators or buttons are not only important functionally, but they can also add a certain aesthetic flair to a mod. We have designed and manufactured a high quality range, some specifically for use in Evolv DNA mods. Available in a variety of materials and colours, we have buttons and actuators for DNA 75, DNA 200 and DNA 250 mods. We also have a large selection of DNA 75C and DNA 250C buttons, all designed by us to enhance the installation and user experience. We also stock buttons for use with DNA 60 mods and also for more generic mod builds.

Many of our actuators are designed to work perfectly with our Evolv DNA Board Mounting Kits, which can be found here.

£3.99 Inc VAT / £3.33 Excl VAT
£4.99 Inc VAT / £4.16 Excl VAT