Evolv Screens

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Screens are a vital component in a regulated vape mod device. The screen conveys important information such as coil resistance, battery charge level, applied voltage and wattage output. The screen is the visual interface which guides the user’s interaction and control of the device. Evolv DNA screens have become iconic and instantly recognisable, fitted inside literally millions of mods across the globe.

As an Official Evolv Supplier/ Distributor and as the Official Evolv Europe & ROW Warranty Service and Repair Centre, we carry a wide array of replacement DNA Screens. Here you will find replacement screens for most DNA boards. These include screens for classic boards like the DNA 20, DNA 25,DNA 30, and the DNA 40/ DNA 40 Large Screen boards. We also carry replacement screens for the DNA 60, DNA 75, DNA 200 and DNA 250. Alongside these OLED screens we also offer official TFT replacement screens for the DNA 75C, DNA 100C and DNA 250C.

All our DNA screens are available for retail customers and wholesale options are also available for modders.