SLIVR Cotton

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Slivr Engineered Cotton by SVI.

Carefully selected and expertly prepared using our in-house UV and o3 treatment processes, we are proud to present the finest wicking material possible.

Flavourless, easy to manipulate and with zero break in time, Slivr is simply the best vape cotton available.

Presented in a custom laser etched case with easy refill pouch options, our next gen vape wick is your finest solution.

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Introducing Slivr, the best vaping cotton wick by SVI.


Carefully selected and sourced, our cotton for vaping passes through in-house processes designed specifically to enhance characteristics beneficial for use as vape wicking.


Our unique treatment technologies deploy o3 / UV treatment and  Class B Medical Grade Autoclave Sterilisation processes. These techniques serve to enhance cotton pliability resistance, increase water absorption/ fluid transport abilities, and also function to sterilise the cotton beyond Medical Grade expectations. No funky spores, bacteria or pathogens affecting taste in Slivr. We give you the cleanest, purest wicking available on the market today.  Soft, fluffy and silky, our cotton achieves the highest standards in performance, giving you zero break-in and extreme usability for the ultimate in smooth flavezz high end vaping.


Presented in a stylish reusable custom in-house laser etched case, our starter pack contains two sterile, sealed packs of Slivr cotton. Each case is shrink sealed and contains a desiccant packet,ensuring the contents are kept fresher than Will Smith. We’re so certain you’ll enjoy the experience that we also offer simple Refill packs, saving you money, reducing waste and minimising environmental impact.


The future of wicking is here. Select your Slivr cotton from the drip down menu above and enjoying the ultimate in luxuriant wicking now!


Also why not use our awesome tweezers to precision situate your cotton?


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SLIVR Cotton

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