Framed Staple Shotz

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Our fused staple shots are straighted and cut into 150mm lengths and packaged in tubes for maximum convenience

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Each tube contains 10 x 15cm strips of framed staple wire straightened and cut to length for maximum convenience.

Framed staple wire is a multi ply ribbon core framed either side with round wire then wrapped / claptoned by a very fine gauge wire usually 36 or 38g

framed staple

316l stainless steel or Ni80 / NiChrome 80

The tables below will help you work out coil resistance based on a 5 wrap reference build. Leg length is total length so 15mm = 2 x 7.5mm legs

framed staple shots

All tubes are barcoded for brick and mortar store retail. Please contact us directly for wholesale

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Framed Staple

Ni80 – 2*26g / 4*4×0.1 / 36g, Ni80 – 2*28g / 4*3×0.1 / 36g, 316l – 2*26g / 4*4×0.1 / 38g, 316l – 2*28g / 4*3×0.1 / 38g