LVE Therion II DNA 250C

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Therion II showcases the beauty that can be revealed by combining creative engineering with organic materials. Warmth and elegance are balanced with functionality and performance, merging together to form an aesthetic that transcends the coldness of raw utility.

From the very first dual parallel Evolv DNA75, through squonk, colour screen up to high power versions. The Therion series continually disrupted accepted standards, in turn raising expectations for what could be. Therion changed the industry.

It was time to bring you a new Therion, a natural and fluid progression of form and innovation. Form that honoured Therion’s distinctive style, yet allowed our engineers the freedom necessary to continue building upon it’s technical foundations.

We saw how much you love our work, what it represents, how it binds us and we were humbled. Therion II was created to celebrate the connection we share, and to give you another Therion you can love as much as the original.

Enjoy Therion II

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LVE Therion II: The Legend Reawakens

Everyone remembers the first time they saw their first Therion. How it made them feel, how it seemed like such a leap forward for vapor devices. Up until that point the only options were hard, functional devices that got the job done with few frills or considerations of comfort or luxury. Therion managed to capture something special, tapping into a generation of vapers with fond memories of leather clad, or gold or mother of pearl inlayed cigarette lighters. The LVE Therion II emerges as the latest triumph in the storied Therion lineage, a testament to enduring innovation and superior craftsmanship that has once again set the bar for the industry. This new generation marries the hallmarks of its predecessors with cutting-edge advancements, ensuring the Therion legend not only endures but evolves. Its sleek design, enhanced features, and unparalleled performance make it the ultimate choice for discerning enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Powered by the precision of the Evolv DNA250C, the reliability of dual 18650 batteries, and the collective experience of LVE’s best designers, redefines what enthusiasts expect from their vaping experience. It’s a device that doesn’t just meet the standards but sets them, offering a unique blend of power, performance, and artistry.

With its USB on-the-go charger, spring-loaded ultra precise 510, and an output power that can unleash up to 200 watts, this box mod is a powerhouse designed for the discerning vaper. Therion II stands apart in a crowded field, thanks to its embodiment of the best in modern vaping technology. Its unique combination of durability, design, and technological innovation positions it as not just a device but a companion for the passionate vaper.

Evolv DNA Technology Inside

At the core of the Therion II lies the sophisticated USA-made Evolv DNA250C chipset, a pinnacle of modern vaping technology. Known for its remarkable 98% output efficiency, the DNA250C ensures that every watt of power is utilized to its fullest potential.

Unmatched Power and Precision

The DNA250C chipset offers a versatile power range from 1W to 200W, accommodating a wide array of vaping styles, from subtle to intense. This flexibility allows users to fine-tune their device to their exact preferences.

Advanced Safety and Customization

The DNA250C chipset is renowned for its advanced safety features, including overheat, overcharge, and short-circuit protection, ensuring that users can vape with confidence. Additionally, it offers extensive customization options through the Escribe software, allowing users to tweak settings, themes, and performance parameters to their liking.

Evolv USA
Durable PVD plating of 4 colours

Made to Last

Therion II is a fortress of design, its durability assured by advanced Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) plating. This cutting-edge technology provides a robust protective layer that shields the device from the rigors of daily use, ensuring it remains in pristine condition over time. PVD plating is known for its exceptional hardness and resistance to corrosion, making it not only long-lasting but also visually striking.

Uncompromising Durability

Every aspect is engineered with longevity in mind. The PVD plating not only enhances the device’s aesthetic appeal but also fortifies it against scratches, wear, and environmental damage. This meticulous attention to durability means that your Therion continues to look as good as it performs, day after day, vape after vape.

Performance and Reliability

It’s resilience is perfectly matched by its performance. Building on the legacy of the Therion lineage, this device offers a level of reliability that vapers have come to expect. Whether you’re a casual user or a vaping enthusiast, the Therion II delivers consistent, high-quality performance that you can depend on.

Built to Lead

It isn’t just built to last; it’s built to lead. Its advanced construction and premium materials set it apart in the market, making it a leader in both design and functionality. By owning one, you own forever a device that exemplifies the pinnacle of vaping technology and craftsmanship, ensuring it stands out in both durability and style. Experience long battery life, near instant heating times, and customizable settings that deliver a tailored vaping experience unmatched by any competitor.

Choice of Materials

The curated selection of materials used speaks to a commitment to luxury and quality. From genuine leathers to real carbon fibres, each element is chosen for its ability to contribute not just to the device’s aesthetics but also to its overall feel and durability.

Luxurious and Durable

The use of genuine leathers adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, making each device unique and visually appealing. The real carbon fibers enhance the device’s structural integrity, providing a lightweight yet incredibly strong framework that withstands the test of time.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

This careful curation of materials ensures that each mod is not just a device but a piece of craftsmanship. The combination of high-end materials creates a tactile and visual experience that is both luxurious and functional. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, from the texture of the leather to the sleekness of the carbon fibers, ensuring a premium feel in every aspect.

Completing the Vaping Experience

The choice of materials is not only about aesthetics but also about enhancing the overall vaping experience. The high-quality materials contribute to the device’s durability, ensuring it can handle the demands of daily use while maintaining its refined appearance. This blend of beauty and resilience makes LVE’s creation a standout in both form and function.

Defining Quality

Therion II is a testament to what can be achieved when luxury materials meet meticulous design. It offers users a vaping device that is not only technologically advanced but also visually stunning and pleasing to the touch. This exquisite combination ensures a premium experience, reflecting sophistication and elegance in every use.

The selection of premium materials underscores the Therion II’s position as a top-tier device, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Every detail, from the smooth contours to the elegant finish, speaks to the dedication and craftsmanship that define the Therion legacy.

Luxury materials, gun metals device with brown leather inlays on a brown leather background
Therion II black on spacey background
Timeless Design

The evolution of the Therion series is marked by a dedication to disrupting the norm, and the Therion II is no exception. Its design is a tribute to the innovation that has defined the series, offering a form that is both familiar and forward-looking.

A Tribute to Innovation

LVE continues this legacy with a design that balances tradition and modernity. It reflects the series’ history of pushing boundaries while maintaining a recognizable and beloved aesthetic. This combination creates a device that feels both classic and cutting-edge.

Continuity and Evolution

Building on the technical foundations of the series, the Therion II respects its iconic style while introducing new elements that enhance its functionality and appeal. This careful balance ensures that LVE have not just producted a new device but a new chapter in a story of continuous evolution. Each design choice is informed by the successes of the past, yet boldly steps into the future with improved features and refined aesthetics.

Harmonious Blend of Form and Function

This timeless design is more than just about looks; it’s about creating a seamless user experience. The ergonomic form factor ensures comfort during use, while the thoughtfully placed controls provide intuitive operation. Every curve and contour of the device is designed to enhance usability and aesthetic pleasure.

A New Chapter in Excellence

Therion II stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation. It embodies the spirit of the Therion series by honoring its heritage and embracing future advancements. This approach results in a device that is not only visually stunning but also technologically superior. Its seamless integration of past and future creates an unparalleled experience, redefining what users can expect from a premium vaping device.

Made for LVE’s Passionate Fans

The creation of the LVE Therion II is a response to the love and passion of our fans. It is a device that celebrates the connection between maker and user, crafted not just with skill but with heart.

This dedication to our community is reflected in every aspect of the Therion II, from its design to its performance. It’s not just a device; it’s a token of appreciation for the support and passion that has fueled the Therion series from the beginning.

Device features

The LVE Therion II is a symphony of features, each designed to offer an unparalleled vaping experience. From its ergonomic design to its advanced temperature protection and preheat & boost functions, every detail has been fine-tuned for the user’s enjoyment.

Available Colours

The Therion II is available in an array of sophisticated colours – Black, Silver, Blue, Gunmetal – each accented with luxurious leather and carbon fibre inlays, ensuring that style is never sacrificed for substance.

Therion II Black


Therion II Silver


Therion II Blue


Therion II Gun Metal



Diving into the heart of the LVE Therion II, the specifications are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of the most discerning vapers. From the power output to the resistance range, every detail is fine-tuned for optimal performance.

• Powered By Evolv Firmware Upgradable DNA250C Board
• Dual 18650 Cells Setup For Long-Lasting power
• Theme Designer Software/ Customizable User Interface
• Temperature Limit: 200°F-600°F
• Output Power: 1W- 200W
• Replay
• USB On-The-Go Charger
• Body Material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
• Electroplating Paintwork Firms Appearance
• Genuine leather cover and carbon fiber inlays
• Spring Loaded Nickel Plated Brass Center Pin
• Integrated 2A Onboard Charger
• Dimension: 91mm*54mm* 26mm

Packing list

Unboxing the LVE Therion II is an experience designed to delight and surprise. Inside the box, users will find everything needed to begin their journey with this legendary device.

1x Therion II DNA250C device

1x User manual

1x Type-C cable

Therion II Packing List


This gallery is a visual feast, showcasing the Therion II in all its glory. Through this carefully curated selection of photos, embark on a journey that highlights the device’s exquisite design, superior craftsmanship, and the various colours available. Each image is more than just a picture; it’s a window into the experience that awaits. From close-ups that capture the intricate details to lifestyle shots that inspire, the gallery invites you to envision how this device will fit into your life and elevate your vaping to new heights.

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Therion II

Black, Blue, Gunmetal, Silver