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We will be closed on Monday 27th October so all orders received over the weekend and on Monday will go out with Tuesdays collection

Updates from Stealthvape

Sub Ohmers

Author: Dave Cross Created: 24/10/2014 Last Modified: 24/10/2014  

Humans seem to be on a perpetual quest to experience the very best of something for one moment in their lives; what would constitute that in vape form? The greatest flavour? The biggest cloud? Or, would it involve the vaping event being combined with another activity? For some it is sub-ohming.

Category: Updates from Stealthvape

The Price

Author: Dave Cross Created: 24/10/2014 Last Modified: 24/10/2014  

It’s been bugging me a lot lately.

In the 70s I was promised a future of jetpacks, hover cars, holidays on the Moon and peace through war. I got traffic jams, spiralling insurance, Butlins and Jeffrey Archer novels. Stuff simply isn’t panning out like it should.

The same thing is going on with the price of vaping kit.

Category: Updates from Stealthvape
  • Recently Restocked
    Clone V2
    It is a dark time for the Rebellion with a mod to match Vader’s helmet. Stealthvape proudly present the V2 – do not underestimate the power of the dark side; it is the daddy of clones. We dispatched thousands of remote probes into the far reaches of space in an effort to locate a base capable of producing to Imperial standards, a mech you don’t have to become a bounty hunter to a..
  • Recently Restocked
    Clone V1.1
    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....It is a period of vaping, rebel mods, striking from a hidden base, in the Far East have won their first victory against the Mod Empire. For too long people have given themselves to the Dark Side. You know this is the only way you can save yourselves, my friends. Yes; your thoughts betray you: “Help me Stealthvape. You’re my only hop..
  • Recently Restocked
    Naos Raptor NSR020A0X43Z - 20a 120w
    The Naos Raptor 20A SIP power modules are non-isolated dc-dc converters in an industry standard package that can deliver up to 20A of output current with a full load efficiency of 91% at 3.3Vdc output voltage (VIN = 12Vdc). These modules operate over a wide range of input voltage (VIN= 4.5Vdc-13.8Vdc) and provide a precisely regulated output voltage from 0.59Vdc to 6Vdc, programmable via an ext..
    £23.99 £19.99
  • Recently Restocked
    MUJI Organic Untreated 100% Cotton Pads
    Free for life! Organic, untreated MUJI cotton pads have taken the vaping world by storm. It would be remiss of us not to include this quality wicking material within our range. But, given that we value your custom so highly, we would like to give it to you. Give. As in ‘free’. All you need to do is add it to your basket when you create an order and we will send you a pack of three 6..
  • Recently Restocked
    OCD Connector (Copper Spring Loaded Centre Pin)
    We've been lucky enough to work with a company that makes electrical connectors for Sony and Panasonic who have helped us develop a spring loaded centre pin for our OCD connectors.   The head of the connector is only one 1mm thick allowing the connector to sit flush and let air to the atomiser - meaning that it is functional and good looking too. Combine this with a toothed locking..


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