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Our official order cut off for same day despatch is 12pm Midday GMT/UTC but we often continue to pack orders up to 15:30 GMT/UTC
Updates from Stealthvape

The Biggest Menace in Vaping

Author: Dave Cross Created: 11/08/2015 Last Modified: 13/08/2015  

What is the biggest menace in vaping today? If you put your mind to it, what is the single most insufferable aspect to this otherwise rewarding and enjoyable pastime? There’s a whole host to pick from but I’m pretty certain I know exactly what mine is.

Category: Updates from Stealthvape

The Biology of Vaping

Author: Dave Cross Created: 11/08/2015 Last Modified: 16/08/2015  

There used to be a simple divide – two species of vaper lived exclusively in the Republic of Clone or Elitistland. Crossbreeding near the border resulted in offspring that was then caught in the crossfire of a conflict. A struggle that almost everyone else knew little about and cared even less for. Diverse breeds now occupy various niches and we provide this handy to follow guide for people wanting to spot vapers in their natural habitats. When United Nations peacemakers departed from the battle-scarred landscape they detailed the following genera for Family Vaper.

Category: Updates from Stealthvape
  • Recently Restocked
    Evolv DNA200 - Retail Box
    All boards will be shipped updated with the latest firmware, currently 30-06-15 All files can be found at the Evolv forums EScribe, Evolv's software to configure and analyse DNA 200 devices can be downloaded here Escribe Interactive Training Simulator is here Datasheet available here 200 Watt Variable Power Module with Temperature Protection and USB   The D..
  • Recently Restocked
    Kanthal A1 Type Wire 10m, 25m, 50m Reels / Spools
    All of our kanthal a1 type reels are 50% extra free with the exception of 0.60mm/22/23AWG x 50m Kanthal wire is, like Stealthvape, embedded in the soul of the vaping community. We have developed a reputation among vapers for delivering the highest quality and personalising our service. We will only stock for you the best quality Kanthal A1 resistance wire for making and rebuilding..
  • Recently Restocked
    Chaddo's Cotton
    Rated very highly amongst the vaping community for it's clean taste, we're pleased to be able to stock this awesome cotton wick The pack contains 5 sheets measuring approx 60mm x 50mm which can be split into 10 sheets. Chaddo's Cotton on Facebook ..


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