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Evolv DNA250C - What we know so far

Author: Rob Ellard Created: 18/02/2018 Last Modified: 19/02/2018  
**Disclaimer, the following information is pieced together from the limited information we have been told by Evolv, along with a good helping of internet rumour. There may be inaccuracies, mistakes or complete fabrications**
Evolv are soon to release the long anticipated colour screen version of their 250 watt board the EVOLV DNA250C. While the name might suggest a 250w board with a colour screen, the 250C is actually much more than that boasting a peak wattage output of 400 watts if used with a 4s battery configuration and some interesting new features.

Dead or Alive

Author: Dave Cross Created: 21/09/2017 Last Modified: 21/09/2017  

You spin me right round, baby. Right round like a record, baby. Right round round round.” Yes, it’s like the 80’s never went away because the very next thing we are going to mention is Michael J. Fox. Just about now: Michael J. Fox.

Category: Updates from Stealthvape
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    DNA-C Actuator Set - Stainless Steel - 1.9mm Wall 75C / 250C)
    Sold as a pack of 4, one large and three obround actuators intended for use on with Evolv colour screen boards so Evolv 250C and 75C These actuators are designed to be used with 1.9mm thick walled enclosures or mounting plates.  3 x 3.9mm x 7.4mm obround 1 x 8.9m diameter actuator Stainless Steel The large actuator is T shaped to help with ribbon pinching ..
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    Goldilocks Bottle 7.15ml
    Not too soft, not too hard. We tested numerous wall thicknesses and cure times and have produced what we believe to be the perfect bottle. Made from certified food grade silicone with food grade 304 stainless steel caps. FDA and LFGB compliance Each bottle and it's components are steralised in a medical autoclave at 134°C for 10 minutes ensuring they are as clean as possible. 7.15m..


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