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Welcome to StealthVape
Monday the 30th of May is a Bank Holiday so no mail collection. All orders processed and marked as shipped on the weekend and Monday will ship on Tuesday.
Our official order cut off for same day despatch is 12pm Midday GMT/UTC but we often continue to pack orders up to 15:30 GMT/UTC


Updates from Stealthvape

A Day in the Life

Author: Dave Cross Created: 27/05/2016 Last Modified:  

It was a day like any other in the offices of British Deathsticks Incorporated (BDI). Sven was looking at graphs depicting the profits from misery, Aneka played with the bundles of cash strewn all over the canteen and Rashid was constructing a infogram depicting how many small companies they’d crushed with legal action that month.

Category: Updates from Stealthvape

Other Things Wales Can Crack Down On

Author: Dave Cross Created: 27/05/2016 Last Modified:  

It is with sadness and a sense of loss that we welcomed the news of Mark Drakeford’s passing (as the Minister for Stupid Ideas and Silly Grins). We are sure we are not alone when we say that we’ll miss his frequent comments. Welsh politics will be all the poorer for his sideways move so we have come up with some suggestions for his party to consider.

Category: Updates from Stealthvape
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    Evolv DNA200 Plus Mounting Kit and Screen / Board Holder
    Please read this post regarding your warranty with Evolv and how we protect your rights as a consumer We've added the option of a laser cut acrylic screen / board holder and mounting kit. Actuators are not included and are available separately HERE Please selection an option above Board Only Board, acrylic screen / board holder and mounting kit The..
  • Recently Restocked
    Kanthal A1 Type Wire 10m, 25m, 50m Reels / Spools
    All of our Kanthal A1 type reels come with *50% extra free on top of the 10 metre, 20 metre, 25 metre and 50 metre lengths (*Except the 0.60mm/22/23AWG x 50m and 0.15mm/34/35AWG x 300m reels). Plus, as every vaper knows, hell is a pool of unraveled wire in a vape kit - so every reel comes with a free NdFeB rare earth magnet to keep everything in check. The wire, like Stealthvape, is embedde..
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    Evolv DNA75 & Screen / Board Holder
    Some images shown have actuators in, they are for display purposes and are available here Please read this post regarding your warranty with Evolv and how we protect your rights as a consumer Option added for a free laser cut acrylic mount and mounting hardware. Please see here for more details Adhesive cut out guide label included Evolv DNA 75 We are delighted to ..
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    DNA200 / 75 Enclosure - 12mm - Black
    This listing is for an enclosure box and lid only with press fitted magnets.   Mounting kits are available HERE   Acrylic board holders for both DNA200 and DNA75 (Trimming required)   Actuators are available HERE   12mm switches HERE   Please note, if ordering a DNA75 or DNA200 board from us the mounting kit and board holder ..
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    Acrylic DNA40 Large Screen Holder
    This item consists of three laser cut acrylic parts designed to function as a screen holder for DNA40 large screens and 4x m1.6 nuts and screws to hold the layers together and encapsulate the OLED screen.         The parts supplied may have either a blue or a white protective layer on one or both sides. Please remove before use.   Where ..


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