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Updates from Stealthvape

Science Faction

Author: Dave Cross Created: 15/08/2014 Last Modified:  

Another new dripper is launched on the vaping market. Another three-post, airy dripper that aside from the cosmetics looks like almost every other three-post, airy dripper under the cap.

There’s a proliferation going on, these things are multiplying faster than the rabbits in my garden. One minute you see a couple of drippers but look away for a second and the electronic cigarette version of Gregor Mendel sneaks in and does a bunch of RDA genetic experiments.

Category: Updates from Stealthvape

The M Word

Author: Dave Cross Created: 12/08/2014 Last Modified: 12/08/2014  

As vapers we embrace open discussion and dialogue about our hobby, we welcome research and peer-reviewed literature and we support those seeking a healthier way of inhaling their drug of choice. Or do we?

Society, by its very nature, is revisionist: history is told from the victor’s perspective. In fact, probably due to reading Orwell’s “1984” at a tender age, I’ve found censorship of language a frightening concept for most of my life.

Category: Updates from Stealthvape
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    Clone V1.1
    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....It is a period of vaping, rebel mods, striking from a hidden base, in the Far East have won their first victory against the Mod Empire. For too long people have given themselves to the Dark Side. You know this is the only way you can save yourselves, my friends. Yes; your thoughts betray you: “Help me Stealthvape. You’re my only hop..
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    Pre Made Resistance - No Resistance Wires x 50
    “When you buy from Stealthvape you can expect excellent service and products of genuine quality.” Stealthvape has developed a reputation among vapers for delivering the highest quality and personalising our service. We value our customers and treat you as we would want to be treated ourselves For all of you who prefer the convenience of having no-resistance/resistance wire prema..
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    eGo -eGo Adapter
    A completely pointless adapter by itself but perfect for a vamo, SID or basically any ego threaded device that has worn inner threads. Made from stainless steel Unsealed Did we say it's made from stainless steel :) ..
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    Kanthal A1 Wire 10m, 25m, 50m Reels / Spools
    Kanthal wire is, like Stealthvape, embedded in the soul of the vaping community. We have developed a reputation among vapers for delivering the highest quality and personalising our service. We will only stock for you the best quality, genuine Kanthal A1 resistance wire for making and rebuilding coils for atomisers. Genuine Kanthal A1 is more stable at higher temperatures than cheaper..
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    Evolv DNA 30D
    **If you've blown the board in your HANA clone and are considering getting a genuine Evolv DNA board as a replacement an excellent resource to check out is a Facebook group called hana clones and trade chat. You'll find all sorts of useful tips, tricks and an all round treasure trove of information to help you out. Also if you're not 100% sure your skills are up to the job just ask for Way..
    £44.99 £36.99
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    Coil Winding Bar Set
    The rods are suitable replacements for the Easy-Coil coil building jig but also make excellent tools when wicking and coiling with mesh. The five stainless steel rods come as a set in the following diameters: 1.4mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm. Each rod is 30mm long meaning that they can be placed into the wick holes of genny atomisers ensuring that the mesh isn't crushed and offering support wh..


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