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High precision DNA Ohm Meter / Resistance Reader manufactured by us using our finest components.

Powered by an Evolv DNA75

On screen resistance display to 3 decimal places e.g:. 0.192Ω

High power 750mAh 50c lithium polymer battery

Source V3 M10 510 with custom negative bus contact

Featuring a non-miniscus 0.38ml capacity Drip Well to counter seepage and spillages.

Extremely limited stock available.

93TAB by Independent Mods is an electronic diagnostic tool intended for monitoring, measuring and maintaining heating coils in electronic vaporisers that have a 510 connector. It allows the coil resistance to be accurately measured to 3 decimal places and test-fired or dry-burned to ensure even heating and the elimination of “hot spots” and shorts.

This product is not an e-cigarette and is not intended to be used for the consumption of either nicotine containing or non-nicotine containing e-liquid.

Due to shipping regulations regarding “Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment or packed with equipment” we’re able to ship up to 2 of these products worldwide with no restrictions.

dna75 93TAB read resistance to 3 accurate decimal places

Negative Bus Bar

A C101 copper bus bar is used as the negative contact with two points of connection: the 510 and also one of the boards 4 ground points.

At 2.15mm2 this makes it slightly larger than 14AWG as a copper wire equivalent. This is one of the key electrical considerations that enables 93TAB to read resistance so consistently.

We aim for an expected 0.004Ω of internal resistance which we apply an offset for in Escribe Evolv’s DNA board configuration software.

93TAB ohm reader negative bus bar
Source V3 M10 Connector Core Features

Source 510 Inside

We’ve used our best Source V3 M10 510 connector in 93TAB

C14500 Tellurium Copper Core – Provides resistance stability and is tarnish / oxidisation resistant. RoHS tinned for a superior solder joint

Two Part PEI Insulator – Insulated top and bottom to ensure no current passes through the spring.

Twin O-rings – Both the centre pin and insulator have an o-ring providing leak resistant operation for pressures of 25psi and beyond. (Tested with compressed air to 25psi/1.7Bar)

C14500 Copper vFLAT – Horizontal soldering option with our innovative RoHS pre-tinned vFLAT solder terminal.

Stainless Steel Wave Spring – Custom manufactured to provide in excess of 7kg force at full compression

Powered by lithium ion polymer battery

Powered by Lithium Polymer

Powered by a compact and powerful 1s lithium polymer to ensure full power is delivered. Easily replaceable and available from Hobby King here.

93TAB resistance meter drip well

510 with Drip Well

A 22mm Source V2 510 is used, mounted in a large 30/32mm drip well with capacity of around 0.38ml to protect the device from liquid spillages when testing or priming.

Things you need to know

1: This ohm reader will accommodate 510 threaded atomizers with a 510 length of up to 5.25mm. Please be cautious when using build decks from certain atomizers such as the mighty Voltrove or Aromamizer that have a much longer 510 when the deck is removed. Overtightening these kinds of build decks could damage the 510 connector in 93TAB.

2: Device warranty is 12 months, Lipo 30 days. Any repairs needed to the device after 12 months will be provided for the price of parts and shipping only.

3: All parts are sourced in the United Kingdom, China and the EU with final manufacture performed in the United Kingdom

4: This product is not an e-cigarette and is not intended to be used for the consumption of either nicotine containing or non nicotine containing e-liquid. It is an electronic diagnostic tool for monitoring, measuring and maintaining resistance coils. Please don’t discuss using them for vaping or post photos of them being used as an electronic cigarette.

5: This device is not a substitute for common sense and the correct application of Ohm’s Law. Never run a build on a non-protected or non-regulated device that is beyond your battery’s discharge rating.

Independent Mods 93TAB technical dimensional drawing
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We will not sell to persons that do not meet the age restrictions for these products

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Buttons / 510

Stainless Steel, Black

10 reviews for Independent Mods 93TAB

  1. Avatar for davidappel3

    davidappel3 (verified owner)

    TL;DR This thing does exactly w,at it says on the tin. But so much better than any alternative I’ve used. It does this while showing a level of attention to detail, durability and in such a compact casing that it’s honestly astounding. I never thought an ohm reader could make me this excited. Then again, this IS SthealthVape.

    I was one of the happy few who managed to score one of these early on. I didn’t even know I needed one before I saw all the planning, testing and hard work that went into making what I can only describe as the most overengineered and well thought out 510 ohm meter/resistance tester/dry firing tab that I have ever seen.
    It’s a pleasure to use it. It reads everything I throw at it more accurately than any mod I own. It does this whilst being both comfortable to use, and durable. I’m pretty sure that if I was to throw this against one of my blue concrete walls, it would still work. The wall might have a new hole in it though. And blue concrete is tough…

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Thanks David, you’re our new favourite customer. So pleased you like it 🙂

  2. Avatar for Mark Haskell Cooper

    Mark Haskell Cooper (verified owner)

    The quality of this speaks for itself – due in no part to the parts used to make it. It is without doubt one of the most accurate Ohm meters on the market. It is also a thing of plain beauty, and well made. My only very slight quibble given the price is the fact that a cable was not included for charging. A small oversight imho. Overall though it is great.

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Really glad you like it Mark, we put a lot into these ohm readers!

      We genuinely thought about including a usb cable, but despite the price we’re cutting it pretty close with our costs so it wouldn’t be a very good USB cable. We spent that budget on the included fibreglass pencil so owners can maintain the 510 contacts instead.

  3. Avatar for a.traynor

    a.traynor (verified owner)

    As others have said this 93Tab is really well put together, rock solid. The size is ideal for me, and it’s really comfortable to use.
    I was looking for a dependable, robust unit, the display is large and very clear and and I’m certainly not disappointed with this purchase
    I was a bit hesitant to spend this much on a build deck, however this thing will last for years
    I hadn’t used one of these fibreglass pencils before, wish I had known about them sooner.
    All in all, a quality unit

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Thanks for the great review. Really glad you like it 🙂

  4. Avatar for Nicholas Briggs

    Nicholas Briggs (verified owner)

    Finally a tab that that equals the quality of my mods, can’t fault it, looking forward to the DNA250C G5 Mod being available after trying this.

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Thanks Nicholas 🙂

  5. Avatar for mspeedi6

    mspeedi6 (verified owner)

    Got this on a recommendation from the guys at VB. The compact design, build quality & finish are top notch. add in the DNA75 & its worth every penny.

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Thanks 🙂

  6. Avatar for Mark L

    Mark L (verified owner)

    Effortlessly cool. All the power of Evolv – in a sardine tin!

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Thanks Mark 🙂

  7. Avatar for 2911pat

    2911pat (verified owner)

    I purchased this a few months back and after lots of builds I’ve concluded that this has to be the best quality Ohm Meter / Resistance Reader available at the present time. It is a little on the expensive side but when you get your hands on it you realise this is an extremely well made piece of kit and a cut above the rest.

    The build quality is superb, there’s no other way to describe it. I’ve paid more for mods that haven’t been made to the same standard; it’s rock solid and the finish is flawless, even the underside is made of brushed aluminium.

    I’m not particularly technical but a friend of mine works for IBM as an electronics drafter responsible for developing the plans for circuit boards, wiring and installations and he’s tested it using his super accurate multimeter and it’s absolutely spot on!

    I’m well pleased with this purchase

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Really glad you like it and thanks for the excellent review 🙂

  8. Avatar for 2911pat

    2911pat (verified owner)

    Just to add to my review the service from Rob at Stealth Vape has been excellent, he was very helpful when I made an enquiry and resolved my request immediately, full marks for customer service !

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard


  9. Avatar for Thomas Seaman

    Thomas Seaman (verified owner)

    I agree with all of the above, it’s a DNA accurate, nicely compact and with decent battery life due to the lipo, device.

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Awesome, thanks Thomas 🙂

  10. Avatar for Bob Hodgson

    Bob Hodgson (verified owner)

    I wanted the best Ohm reader I can get. And this is it.
    Sure you can get ones that may be prettier. But none will be any more accurate. Which is the most important aspect, after all.

    Light enough to pop in your pocket. Stable enough to work on any Attu.

    Time will tell. But I’m more than happy with my purchase, atm. Visit Planetofthevapes to see ongoing comments on the 93Tab, and ownership there of.

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Thanks Bob, really pleased you like it! 🙂

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