Source V3 M10 510 Connector

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The new Source V3 M10 510 connector by Stealthvape.

Source V3 M10 510 connectors are available with two positive soldering options:

  1. Standard OG: Vertical solder directly into the centre pin.
  2.  vFLAT : Horizontal solder to our innovative pre- tinned terminal.

Please read the full description below for details on the difference of these two versions.

**Plating options shown in the product images may be subject to change**

Available in 22mm and 30mm plate sizes.

Stainless Steel or masked PVD Black 510 options.

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The Source V3 M10 510 Connector by Stealthvape.

We’re pleased to release a non bottom fed version of our well received V3 M10 Bottom Fed 510 connector.

C14500 Tellurium Copper Core – Provides resistance stability and is tarnish / oxidisation resistant. RoHS tinned for a superior solder joint

Two Part PEI Insulator – Insulated top and bottom to ensure no current passes through the spring.

Twin Orings – Both the centre pin and insulator have an o-ring providing leak resistant operation for pressures of 25psi and beyond. (Tested with compressed air to 25psi/1.7Bar)

C14500 Copper vFLAT – Horizontal soldering option with our innovative  RoHS pre-tinned vFLAT solder terminal.

Stainless Steel Wave Spring – Custom manufactured to provide in excess of 7kg force at full compression

Source V3 M10 Connector Core Features

Custom Designed Wave Spring

Off the shelf wave springs that fit our application just don’t exist, so we’ve worked closely with a spring manufacturer to produce our own spring optimised for our V3 510 connector.

Designed to be pre-tensioned, meaning that even atomizers with the shortest 510 length will see a significant amount of force starting at approximately 3.3kg.

Average length 510’s will see upwards of 5kg force, up to a maximum in excess of 7kg at the core’s full compression.

Source 510 wave spring graph

Vertical Solder vs Horizontal vFLAT Option

Compered to the traditional vertical 510 soldering method where the wire exits the centre pin downwards, our vFLAT options allows you to solder horizontally. vFLAT are also pre tinned to make soldering even easier.

vflat vs normal.solder joint
Source v3 m10 22mm
Source v3 m10 22mm vflat
Source v3 m10 30mm
Source v3 m10 30mm vflat

The following warning applies to all mod parts on our website that are directly connected to a lithium battery

WARNING: These parts should only be used in devices containing batteries that have been approved for vaping use by the battery manufacturer and / or with a battery management system.

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Source V3 M10 510

22mm Plain, 22mm Black, 30mm Plain, 30mm Black, 22mm Plain vFLAT, 22mm Black vFLAT, 30mm Plain vFLAT, 30mm Black vFLAT



5 reviews for Source V3 M10 510 Connector

  1. Avatar for david.smithson

    david.smithson (verified owner)

    Brilliant 🙂

    Stealthvape have done it again 🙂

    I bought this 22mm Black Source V3 M10 510 Connector to see if I could take it apart and use the black disc to make a 22mm Black Source V3 M10 BF Squonk 510 Connector.

    Yes 🙂 the parts are interchangeable and I now have a Black Source V3 M10 BF Squonk 510 Connector and a Silver Source V3 M10 510 Connector

    Thanks Stealthvape 🙂

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Excellent, thanks David 🙂

  2. Avatar for svbmods

    svbmods (verified owner)

    Love these new 510, great job buddy

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Thanks Nigel, really glad you like them 🙂

  3. Avatar for Andrew Buckley

    Andrew Buckley (verified owner)

    Got the black one, really impressed looks great.

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Great, glad you like them 🙂

  4. Avatar for edd200sx

    edd200sx (verified owner)

    Great connection off these, my mods I’ve built hit harder than with any other 510.

    • Avatar for Rob Ellard

      Rob Ellard

      Awesome, thanks Edd 🙂

  5. Avatar for patrick webster

    patrick webster (verified owner)

    well made bit of kit the vflat version makes soldering them a breeze just be carefull not to over extend the spring if using a tool to tighten it takes a lot of force but will break if tool is heavy duty.

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