Download Section

Here you’ll find CAD downloads for many of our parts, along with datasheets, cutting templates and whatever else we think might be useful.

If you’re here looking for a file and can’t find it, feel free to contact us and we’ll see if we either have it or can model it for you.

Other than Evolv DNA and manufacturer datasheets and models, the files we’ve provided can be considered open source on an Attribution Basis. You can use them in your projects, designs and mods, please just be sure to give us a mention.

Stealthvape NiFe30 Wire
1 file(s) 48 downloads
Stealthvape NiFe30 Wire *LINK* Wire TFR Curves
Stealthvape Ni200 Wire
1 file(s) 8 downloads
Stealthvape Ni200 Wire *LINK* Wire TFR Curves
Stealthvape 316l Wire
1 file(s) 78 downloads
Stealthvape 316l Wire *LINK* Wire TFR Curves