LVE Orion II Panels (Pack of 2 Panels)

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These replacement LVE Orion II panels are supplied in packs of 2

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LVE Orion II Replacement Panels

Give your LVE Orion II device a new look by changing the panels with these replacement ones. It’s easy to swap the LVE Orion II panels with the suction pad that came with the original device. No tools or screws are required.

You can customize your Orion II with six panel options to suit your preferences and personality. You have two types of carbon fibres to pick from, both durable and lightweight, but with different appearances. The textured carbon fibre has a 3d woven texture that is pleasant to touch and has a sleek finish, while the forged carbon has a glossy resin encased fibre that creates a cool holographic effect when you view it from different perspectives. If you prefer natural materials, you can opt for one of the ethically sourced wood panels that we selected for their coziness and elegance. Purpleheart, Bubinga, Sonokeling and Walnut are all exotic hardwoods that have rich colours and distinctive patterns that will make your Orion II stand out.

Orion II Panel - Bubinga


Orion II Panel - Purpleheart


Orion II Panel - Sonokeling


Orion II Panel - Walnut


Orion II Panel - Forged Carbon

Forged Carbon

Orion II Panel - Textured Carbon

Textured Carbon

Match your device frame colour (Or not)

The carbon panel options have a coloured metal frame that matches the Orion II’s frame. You can buy them to match your device, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can choose a different colour for more customisation options.

Silver forged carbon orion ii panel

Silver / Forged Carbon

Silver textured carbon orion ii panel

Silver / Textured Carbon

Gold textured carbon orion ii panel

Gold / Textured Carbon

Gold forged carbon orion ii panel

Gold / Forged Carbon

Orion II Panel - Forged Carbon

Black / Forged Carbon

Orion II Panel - Textured Carbon

Black / Textured Carbon

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Orion II Panel Set

Black / Forged Carbon, Black / Textured Carbon, Bubinga, Gold / Forged Carbon, Gold / Textured Carbon, Purpleheart, Silver / Forged Carbon, Silver / Textured Carbon, Sonokeling, Walnut