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Drip tips, we all need them

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The Tip has been designed to be a pleasure, both ergonomic in use and visually appealing.
These tips are made from medical Grade 1 Titanium, used for implants and medical tools. This is superior to standard G1 Titanium as only titanium produced to certain standards can be called medical grade. Traditional grade 5 used in other drip tips is actually an alloy containing titanium, aluminium and vanadium
Grade 1 titanium is the purest form of commercially available titanium
Knowing our customers are concerned about quality; the O-rings are made from food grade Viton, chosen over the alternatives for their resistance to chemical degradation. These superior O-rings complement the superior nature of the metal chosen.
The Tip has two O-rings so that it will seat firmly in place ensuring no looseness or wobble. It measures 12.25mm from the top of the atomiser, 18.25mm in total from base to tip, and has a capacious 5.5mm bore..
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