Brochrome Ni80 Flat Wire

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Stealthvape Brochrome: Flat Wire for Vaping,
Presenting the original flat and wide Nichrome 80 wire.
Ni80 is famous for its fast ramp up and lower resistivity, and we are pleased to present you the best Ni80 flat wire available today. Perfect for use with mechanical mod set ups, our Brochrome Ni80 wire provides an increased surface area compared to its regular round equivalent, and many claim this enhances vapour production and improves the flavour experience. Why not try it for yourself and see?
Available in a range of size / AWG and a selection of lengths. Please make your selection using the drop down menu below.
Regular round Nichrome 80 Wire can be found here.
We strongly suggest using the Steam Engine calculator to determine the resistance of your build. You can find the calculators here.

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