Royal Mail International Services Disruption

**Inland UK Services are Unaffected**

UPDATE – Ransomware attack confirmed

As the days go by, a cyber incident involving Royal Mail continues to be an issue with no clear indication of when normal service will resume for international shipments. Reports have been circulating that Royal Mail is currently down and unfortunately, Royal Mail have remained tight-lipped on the issue, leaving us in the dark as to what’s going on.

It is highly likely that the issue relates to a cyber-attack, as Royal Mail continues to be a target for malicious actors. With the rise of cyber-attacks in the last few years, organisations such as Royal Mail have been forced to put in place more stringent security measures to protect their customers’ data. It is possible that the down time is due to a vulnerability in the system that has been exploited by hackers. Unfortunately, as Royal Mail have not officially confirmed the cause of the incident, we can only speculate as to the root cause. This lack of clarity has been frustrating for us, as we are left unsure as to when service will resume, and have been unable to print our international labels.

We recommend that international customers select UPS as the shipping option at check out until normal service resumes for Royal Mail. With UPS, customers can still get their packages delivered in a timely manner without having to worry about the issues that Royal Mail are currently facing. It is unclear as to when the issue with Royal Mail will be resolved and customers can expect to see normal service resume.

We hope that Royal Mail will provide some clarity on the issue soon.