Varitube 18650 Battery Tube

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Varitube 18650 Battery Tube
A mainstay of mod build builds for many years, we are pleased to stock the Varitube Chrome Plated Solid Brass 18650 battery tube.
  • Solid Brass tube and finished in chrome plating.
  • Solid Brass top floating center pin is also chrome plated.
  • Top pin is spring loaded to provide constant pressure and maintain perfect connection.  It self-adjusts to the minor differences in battery lengths and assures a solid connection.
  • Electrical isolation is accomplished via PEEK insulator on top.
  • Spring carries no load.
  • Positive center pin is also manually adjustable to set pressure/clearance of the spring depending on batteries.
  • Ground lug included and accomplished via installation into top cap.  Solder negative/ground connection directly to the lug.
  • Positive center pin bored to accept your wire for direct soldering.
  • Assembled tube length is 79.4mm.
  • Center Pin and Ground lug add 1mm to overall length.
  • Center pin needs room to float up during battery install.ation – 1mm – 3mm.
  • Major OD is 21.5mm at the cap ends.
  • Minor OD is 20.4mm.
  • ID is 18.7mm.


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