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316L Stainless Steel Wire - Annealed
Say hello to Stealthvape’s 316L Stainless Steel Wire for vapers. Ecig users looking to exploi..
Ex Tax: £2.49
NiFe30 Wire
While categorised as NiFe30 the exact balance of Nickel and Iron is a slightly different ratio an..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Notch Coils x3pcs
3 x notch coils 5mm OD 8.7mm long 0.356mm / 27g nickel legs spot welded ..
Ex Tax: £4.16
Standard Issue Resistance Wire
We're pleased to offer a cheaper alternative to the popular kanthal A1 wire that we're all famili..
Ex Tax: £4.16
Titanium Wire V2
All V2 spools are 70mm and suitable for Beadalon Spool Tamers Due to customer demand we have ..
Ex Tax: £5.83
TEMPERED Nickel ni200 Ribbon Wire
The following are special offer 50% extra free: 0.1mm x 0.5mm x 10m - Total 15m 0.1mm x 0..
Ex Tax: £3.33
TEMPERED Nickel ni200 Wire
The following are special offer 50% extra free:     0.25mm / 30AWG x 10m - ..
Ex Tax: £3.33
AWG Sized Kanthal A1 Type Flat Wire
Project Bro Wire Say hello to the greatest new wire we’ve stocked since the last incredible n..
Ex Tax: £4.16
Brochrome AWG Sized Flat Ni80 / Nichrome 80 Wire
Brochrome This is the Nichrome 80 equivalent to our AWG Sized Kanthal Flat Wire Vapers pl..
Ex Tax: £6.66
Kanthal A1 Type Wire 10m, 25m, 50m, 300m, 500m Reels / Spools
All of our Kanthal A1 type reels come with *50% extra free on top of the 10 metre, 20 metre, 25 m..
Ex Tax: £2.49
Mesh Sample / Offcut
Limited supply, while stocks last.  Please don't request a particular grade ..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Nichrome 80 Clapton Wire 26/32g x 10m
Nichrome 80 / Ni80 Clapton Wire 26g / 0.40mm core 32g / 0.20mm wrap 10m spool &nb..
Ex Tax: £9.99
Nichrome 80 Reels / Spools 10m, 25m, 50m, 300m, 500m, 1km
All nichrome reels apart from 300m/500m1km  reels are 50% extra free 10m reels = 15m ..
Ex Tax: £2.49
Kanthal A1 Type Ribbon Resistance Wire Reels / Spools
All kanthal A1 ribbon reels are 10% extra free. So 10m reels are 15m total, 25m reels are 37,5m a..
Ex Tax: £2.49
Beadalon Spool Tamer 1pc
Not that our free magnets for kanthal, ni200 and NiFe30 wire reels aren't great but the Beadalon ..
Ex Tax: £0.83
Pre Made Resistance - No Resistance Wires x 50
  “When you buy from Stealthvape you can expect excellent service and products of ge..
Ex Tax: £3.00
Nichrome Ribbon Resistance Wire 10m, 25m, 50m Reels
“Our customers are concerned about service and quality, they can tell the difference.” Stealt..
Ex Tax: £2.49
ANNEALED Nickel Ni200 Wire
We'll be including a magnet as show in the above photo with all Ni200reels. If you do not want us..
Ex Tax: £2.49
Pilgrim Vapes MTL Coils
Pilgrim Vapes Tidgy Coils: Micro Clapton Coils for the MTL enthusiast seeking to maximise the fla..
Ex Tax: £4.99
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