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gray reviewed MUJI Organic Untreated 100% Cotton Pads on 05/03/2015

First time i have tried this cotton and got a good taste and wicks much better than standard cotton i have been using. now i just need to get through 50m of kanthal to get some more on my next order!!!! really need another item listing to buy more of this cotton please!

Phil reviewed Vivi Nova Tank V3 3.5ml Cartomiser on 05/03/2015

I was very almost put off by oojimmys review of these but decided that for 1.99 it was worth a punt... These Vivi Nova's are not made by Vision, the description doesn't say they are.... They are well made though, cannot fault the build quality for a cheap device (especially at this clearance price)...

Gscott1979 reviewed Silver Tactile Switch With Spherical Actuator on 04/03/2015

I bought a few of these to replace the switches in the hana clone kit that Id built from the cheap kit from fasttech after one of the wattage control buttons failed,all I can say is the difference in quality between the switches is stellar,these ones are far superior if I need any more I will be bac...

Shaun Downend reviewed MUJI Organic Untreated 100% Cotton Pads on 03/03/2015

Muji cotton is my favourite cotton wicking material, and at a great price of FREE when ordering rebuildable supplies. Excellent service as always from Stealthvape.

CharlieGum reviewed MUJI Organic Untreated 100% Cotton Pads on 03/03/2015

Good quality cotton and free when ordering your RBA accessories, combined with excellent service from Stealthvape, what more can you ask for.

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Silica Wick

Silica Wick
Product Code: SILICA-WICK
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Stealthvape Silica Wick

Stealthvape has become a byword for quality because we will only sell the most superior wick available. In our constant drive to bring you the very best products we have thrown away almost 20 kilometres of unsuitable wick rather than sell it to our customers.

We have Stealthvape Silica Wick manufactured to our specification, which is why we can proudly state that our wick has the highest possible silica content, at over 96%.

Unlike cheaper products our silica wick undergoes a rigorous series of chemical treatments to ensure that any impurities are removed and do not contaminate the flavour of the juice.

We go to these lengths because we know that you are concerned about quality and because you can tell the difference between Stealthvape Silica Wick and cheaper options sold as silica (such as fibreglass, glass fibre or high temperature glass fibre).

This is why we say that when you buy from Stealthvape you can expect excellent service and products of genuine quality. One hundred and ninety reviews (and counting), averaging a 5 star rating, make us proud that we have delivered on our promise of quality and service to you all.

Such is the confidence in the high standards we demand of our products that we are delighted to have been asked to supply Eden Mods with Stealthvape Silica Wick. This will now be sent out with every order of their new atomiser.

Stealthvape Silica Wick is available in a variety of sizes; use the drop-down box to make your selection.

It is important to remember that you should always take precautions when handling silica wick due to its fibrous nature and avoid breathing in any fibres that may become dislodged. A small amount of PG, VG or eLiquid applied to the wick will prevent loose fibres from becoming dislodged when cut.


When trying new wire or different coiling diameters by changing wicks it can be a hit or miss affair trying to work out how many wraps will provide the desired resistance, especially if you are new to coiling.

We would like to present a calculator for your use that takes all of the hardwork/guesswork out of the process. Simply enter in you wire and wick details then the resistance you'd like to achieve and the calculator will do the rest - telling you how many wraps to make.

Clearly this will depend on how tightly you wrap your coils but it beats sticking a wet finger in the air. The calculator works for different sizes, types and even mixed wires.

Try the calculator here or click on the image:

Developed by Lars Simonsen

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