Monthly Archives: December 2014

Kids being kids

“I do not usually air my grievances by writing letters to papers…”

My granddad started the family tradition, like Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells, making false claims of hitherto unreached levels of anger. His list of complaints covered (not exclusively): services, utilities, young people, traffic, young people, noise, dog excrement, trees, young people, declining standards in Western values and young people.

The M Word

As vapers we embrace open discussion and dialogue about our hobby, we welcome research and peer-reviewed literature and we support those seeking a healthier way of inhaling their drug of choice. Or do we?

Society, by its very nature, is revisionist: history is told from the victor’s perspective. In fact, probably due to reading Orwell’s “1984” at a tender age, I’ve found censorship of language a frightening concept for most of my life.

Have I Got News For You

In view of the almost incessant onslaught of negative news stories related to vaping I thought that maybe we could do with a sneak peak at the positives to come to light over the last seven days. As part of the ongoing semi-serious Thursday pieces it is very easy to get sucked into the super-serious hole but let’s be honest – there’s more important things in life…like, life.