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Social Media

Social media can be a tool for good. The platforms available to us enable the fast transference of information and allow interactions with all manner of people. We are connected with and chat to powerful people. For example, we are now online friends with the Queen, Donald Trump, Putin, ISIS and Kim Jong-Un – which pretty much places the future of the world in our hands.

You can say what you like about Kim Jong-Un but he has never clogged up a timeline with details about his new personal best. Not once has he posted details of his latest run, pictures of him running and told everybody he’s never met how he is really in need of a hot bath to get rid of the post-run aches.

Kim Jong-Un might have created Pyongyang Time. He might be responsible for making all males in North Korea adopt his hairstyle and only have 3% of the roads paved – but he’s never inflicted his exercise hobby on anybody reading his Facebook profile.

So, we feel it is time for an entrepreneur to give vapers the same joy as those who ride about in yellow lycra. Of course, it is possible that vapers could don spandex outfits prior to competition vaping but this loses all meaning if nobody sees it – a bit like having a television show on Amazon Prime.

What we need is the vaping equivalent of Nike’s switched-on shoes so that vapers can amble about drawing highly inventive maps on Google Earth. What we need is something like Smok’s puff counter talking to Facebook on a second by second basis. Tell us all how many calories you lost this morning will you? Right, it’s war. Here’s how many drags I’ve taken this week and it’s going to be incrementally adjusted in real-time.

Nike build their brand loyalty on people buying their apps and products, but then using the app to draw people into tournaments and events like night runs. Vaping can do the same thing with midnight vapes to take the community up a level.

Of course this could have ramifications: once Martin McKee’s anti-vape squads start kicking in doors (because people have broken the Stop Safer Use of Nicotine Act 2019) then having an app that details your exact location could be problematic. But it would also track the speed at which you are running away from them, posting it onto your timeline and getting your freaky exercise friends interested in ecigs for the first time.

On second thoughts, maybe this kind of thing should be kept to places like North Korea, we’ll tweet Kim about it.

Merry Vapemass Everybody

Did you even bother asking for non-vape stuff this year? Have you decorated you tree with hanging mech mods? Who needs fake snow when you can have a vape whiteout going on in the house.


Are you coiling up your attys for the day?

Have you posted pics of clouds along the way?

Are you lining up your juices?

With faves from left to right?

Will you stay asleep or lay awake all night?


So here it is, Merry Vapemass

Everybody’s got new mods

Can’t see the Xmas tree

We’re now all vaping go-o-ods


Did you make your spouse watch all the videos?

Did you point out which combinations really go?

Have you charged up all your LiPos?

Have you cleaned out all your wicks?

Are you ready with some Vapemass Day cloud tricks?


So here it is, Merry Vapemass

Everybody’s got new mods

Can’t see the Xmas tree

We’re now all vaping go-o-ods


Do want something with over 80 watts?

Some e-liquid to vape while drinking shots?

Did you ask for a new charger?

Or maybe go old school?

An old Pinoy mech mod would be so cool.


So here it is, Merry Vapemass

Everybody’s got new mods

Can’t see the Xmas tree

We’re now all vaping go-o-ods

Protest and Survive

“But it’s just a show about walking,†Joan said. “Walking slowly at that. How the heck can you watch this rubbish?†This from a woman who could only burn oven chips and yet sits through each and every celebrity chef show. Her ability to see Dave through bouts of severe manful hadn’t been improved by sitting transfixed by Casualty either.

“It’s a demonstration,†Dave replied while sending the empty tin flying off a wall and missing the bin by a good foot. “They’re demonstrating about not liking something or other and how they want other people not to like it either. Look, they’ve got signs about cheese – it must be something to do with cheese or all dairy products or shops.â€

“Seems bloody stupid to me. I didn’t like it when they told me to stop vaping in the library but I didn’t bloody walk anywhere.†Joan was correct; she’d carried on vaping until she was encouraged to leave by to police specials. “Hang on, does this walking and demonstrating thing work then?â€

And so an idea was born.

Dave and Joan set to work on making the very best placards a felt tip pen and an old shoebox could manage. Well, if they’d thought of something to write but the cider had a soporific effect their collective brain. When the result was discovered on the kitchen table in the morning they both wondered why they’d spent a night collecting swear words.

Agreeing that the placards were probably a stupid idea, the couple decided just to shout a lot and walk with purpose. “Boo,†they bellowed. “Boo and shame,†they barked at No.10. Now obviously, living in Stoke, London was quite a distance and cost more than a breakfast pint in The Spitbucket Arms. Joan and Dave didn’t bother with London so No.10 The Laurels had to do.

“I’m not sure this is working,†Joan said in that way that makes a statement sound like a question. “Mrs Owens looks confused.â€

“Twitter,†said Dave. “We’ll use Twitter to ram our message home. They’ll take notice of that because it’s what all the protestors do.†But then they weren’t sure how to use Twitter or whom they should send their message to. And they were more than a little bit unclear as to what their message was.

The plan evolved. A sit down protest in KFC seemed the best way forward because it was near the library and almost lunchtime. A sit down protest with chicken burgers and gravy. Have that in your face fascist politicians. Or not, most of it was being shovelled into Joan’s at a rate of knots. Vape protests may be going out of fashion in the rest of the country but this one lit a fire in the hearts of the couple. “Next time, how about we try one of them naked protests?â€

The Home for Vapers

First there was gin. Then there was opium. Then there was opium and gin. Society ravaged by things bent on ripping it asunder. Then there were collectible series of magazines for your children, which start off at 99p but need an application to Loans4U for the next issue. Addiction combined with a desire to collect is powerful; it enslaves those in its grip. Now there is vape.

Take Norma. She has been bulk buying nicotine base for the last 19 months. Her children have been eating pictures of fish fingers for the last three weeks while the food cupboards are rammed with containers – there was no space left in the freezer or the spare freezer. Norma needs your help.

And don’t forget about Rimesh. The poor lad has been buying every mod released since 2010. Such is the drain on the family’s income his wife hasn’t been able to get a new pair of shoes since last summer – she’s had to make do with the forty-two pairs in the wardrobe. It’s not just the money either. Through tripping over boxes or being hit on the head by falling 18650 devices, Rimesh has been to casualty so often he has his own bed. Rimesh is crying out for something to be done.

Norma and Rimesh are not alone, there’s thousands of vapers who have been bitten by the collecting bug and it’s driven them to a life of misery. At some point their lives are going to come tumbling down like a badly stacked pile of atomisers. The money will dry up and then the chaos will start.

The concept of the ‘poor house’ went into decline shortly after Dickens penned Little Dorrit or something. We don’t know because we didn’t bother to check…but there’s none of them now and that’s for sure. So, for this reason we are asking for your assistance.

We vapers are a band of brothers and sisters – except those who are married because being brothers and sisters because that would make it all a bit weird. Better make that a happy family instead. Anyway, the point is that we’re very good for looking out for one another and so Stealthvape is going to set up the Stealthvape Home for Vapers. It will be a place for everyone forced into penury, sanctuary for all of the vape destitutes.

We intend to provide a place to live, food to eat and 30ml of eliquid a week to those who have fallen on hard times because of their vaping. But there’s more: we will be giving our residents skills for life. There’s no point helping people back onto their feet if they simply go back to their old lives. We will be delivering a variety of classes such as creating toys for children with resistance wire and designing fashions from wick material. It will give them a sense of purpose and wellbeing once again.

So how can you help? Obviously, the easiest way would be for you to post us sacks of money. In fact that’s probably the only way. Just remember, this isn’t a scam – it’s all about helping the Normas and Rimeshes. “Give, us your (chuffing) money!â€

Saturday Night at the Movies

Picture the scene: you are sitting on a bench at the seaside. The sun is making you feel good, good enough to ignore the tedious noise from the seagulls. You take the mod from your pocket, press the button and inhale. How could anything be more perfect? Well, obviously a beer might help. And maybe someone is sitting by your side that loves you more than looking at the screen of their smartphone. Yep, perfect.


It would be perfect if both people were celebrities. You are not a celebrity and you’ve not been in a film – at least not one we’ve watched. Now imagine that the man is Leonardo Di Caprio, enjoying the Blackpool vista and soaking in sounds of stag and hen parties drunkenly stumbling past. And consider the sitting next to Leo is that woman from Enchanted who combines beauty with the ability to make vermin do the entire household chores. And maybe those idiots from Geordie Shore are the stag and hen party. Impeccable. This is how the Stealthvape vape movie about vaping begins – with celebrities in love and minor celebrities having a loud fight that offends bystanders.

Now it may be the case that we haven’t written the screenplay, and it may be the case that we have to relocate from Blackpool to a far-flung tropical island, but any story arc that begins and ends in a vape cloud is going to sweep the floor at the next Academy Awards ceremony.

Let’s see Stanton Glantz complain about famous people normalising smoking then. Let’s see him attack the stars of the Stealthvape movie when the world has fallen in love with them for that scene where halfway through the car chase it diverts through a zoo. A zoo full of celebrity animals. That cross-eyed lion from Daktari, he’ll be there. And the talking horse. And Skippy, Lassie, Scooby Doo and Flipper. And they’ll all be vaping because they’re cool.

Does your pet dog vape, Stanton? Has he heard about the cast of Happy Feet toking away and though “Oh boy, I want to be cool like them and it looks so normal and everything� Of course he hasn’t because vaping doesn’t work like that. You fool, Stanton. Vaping celebrity animals do not normalise smoking either.

There’ll be space ships, motorbikes, superheroes, a love interest, someone destroying the Death Star and a character who has cracking one-liners. It will all take place against a story of a simple man who spends his days posting on an online forum and sharing pictures of cats on Twitter. Vape – The Movie will be the greatest thing you see in whatever year it’s released. Of course, all characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


We looked at the best of the best. We looked at Vape Jam, Vape Expo, Vapefest, Vapetuna, World of Vape, Vape Supermarket and Creamfields (now with added vape) before pulling together the best of each and then adding more. What did we end up with? Stealthvapeonburyexpotacular! In almost the same words used by the not-quite-dead-yet Pythons: it’s a barrel load vape, vape, vape, fun, vape, excitement, vape, vape, laughs, vape, vape, vape, thrills, vape and vape. How much more vape can you get into a single event? We asked Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel and he said: “None more. None more vape.â€

Oh sure, there may be queues to get in but that just means you made the correct choice and came to the best event – why else would all these other people be queuing up? It certainly isn’t because we only employed our mate Clive to run the door and he suffers from narcolepsy. No. It’s because (even though we’ve never spoken about this before) thousands of people have already signed up to attend on the website we haven’t made yet.

Unfortunately everybody can’t attend. We’d like you all to come but the class-leading expo centre we selected is under the heel of those Health and Safety fascists who blight our collective lives on a daily basis. The village hall at Broughton Poggs has previously hosted a talk on stamp collecting to the Sunday school…and the WI ran a hugely successful seminar on raffia work that attracted attendees from as far away as Southrop and Little Barrington.

What’s on offer? What isn’t on offer more like! We know that the vape scene is now very ‘scene’ with all you hiphopsters and beardymen so we’ve contracted the very best musical acts to entertain you: marvel at the giant sounds of Little David, Jerry Wallace will play every single one of his big hits and nobody plays a mean polka like Whoopee John.

Joan from the corner shop will be running the raffle and the prize list is already frightening. It’s set to grow further – but you could be walking home with a free bag of vape exhaled from the very mouth of YouTube’s Barry Reviews Some Cheap Free Eliquids. As you know, Barry loves every eliquid he hasn’t paid for, so whatever flavour it is the bag will be an enjoyable experience and one you’d struggle to put a price on. Other prizes include a photo of a man in a hat doing some vape tricks in his bedroom and a starter kit that our local shop couldn’t sell.

Accommodation will be available for everybody planning on making a full weekend of it. The pub’s popped up six camp beds in their two bedrooms and the farmer has promised not to drive a plough over any tents in the lower field. Obviously, if you choose to camp in the upper field you agree to wave all rights to personal safety.

Come along to Stealthvapeonburyexpotacular. Meet new friends, enjoy the miserable weather together and then get out – we don’t like strangers round these parts once we have your money.

*No food or drinks or vaping equipment can be brought into the venue. If you need to eat, drink or vape then Colin and Sharon can attend you from their well-stocked and almost reasonably priced trestle table.