Monthly Archives: November 2017

The Slide

No matter where you looked this week (be it the Greenock Telegraph, the Pharmaceutical Journal or Italy’s Sig Magazine) everybody seemed to be talking about how successful vaping is. For the very first time, more than half of Britain’s vapers have quit smoking – or “Gran Bretagna, vapers esclusivi superano consumatori duali” as Sig put it. Congratulations everybody!

The Ultimate Vape Accessory

While this week’s articles were being compiled, consideration was given to how the immediate environment could be improved. But then the notion that Hull is 2017’s UK City of Culture came crashing into my consciousness. I wasn’t thinking about Hull, I try to as little as possible, but there it is. Makes sense I guess, seeing as the UK is hosting the International Festival of Road Works and everybody wins prizes at primary school sports day.

Incredible Results

It is often said that in the land of the academically challenged the man with the online survey is king. By “often” we mean “never”, and by “said” we mean “something we just made up, so not said at all”. Which is why we have embarked on a quest to see if there are any research studies comparable to those floating around the vaping community. We have been successful.