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How To Hack Reflex

Evolv Reflex Hacked
how to hack reflex

Evolv DNA products are famous for their customisability, and now someone has leaked how to make Reflex the most versatile pod system out there!

If you’re a seasoned vaper who missed the warmth and sweetness brought about by letting your devices operate at iffy higher temperatures, then this new trick is for you.

By following a few easy steps as laid out in this video, you can access features that allow you to alter how Reflex works, making it possible to mimic the performance of any other pod device out there. And more.

By creating custom curves and altering the parameters easily in Escribe, a whole new world of tailor made vaping is revealed. You want it to vape like a Caliburn G? No problem. Just download and upload the file in Escribe.

We know how awesome the community is when it comes to tinkering and creating customised features for DNA devices. Keep your eyes out for many more .ecig files and tips to come. We may even feature some here in our downloads section in the near future.

Reflex opens new horizons for the capability of e-cigarette devices. We can’t wait to see what everybody is going to do with them.

And now Evolv have made it available at an even greater price, it’s a great time to get your hands on one if you’ve not already done so. Reflex is available here.

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Reflex engineer mode leaked

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