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Tobacco is good for you

There, said it.

For all these years we’ve had the dangers of tobacco rammed down our throats as if Satan himself created the plant. It takes some doing to appear so evil in the public consciousness that one can only assume the poor piece of vegetation must have hired the same PR team who look after the ghost of Jimmy Saville, Rose West and the reputation of estate agents the world over.


When the iPhone was launched in 2007 I watched television reports covering queues stretching around the outside of Apple stores and shook my head. Not only did this product seem to be as gimmicky as the bells in a boy-band Christmas single but also the willingness of people to act like sheep to hold one baffled me.

In 2007 a phone was a damn phone – albeit with the brilliant ability to play music and take picture that made the world look as though it was covered in cellophane and steam.

Winning the ASHes

The Action on Smoking and Health charity (ASH UK) carry out annual reports, starting from 2010, examining the use of electronic cigarettes in the UK. From 2013 the survey was expanded to include children and teenagers. The most recent report was released last week, 24th April 2014.

The research was carried out using YouGov and the sample size was extrapolated to indicate the picture of national habits, opinions and behavioral trends. A total of 14,447 people were surveyed.