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Squonking is fantastic. There’s no denying it, but like everything else in vaping, there are certain routine things you have to do in order to make sure you’re getting the best vape experience every single time. And this one, I have to say, is definitely my least favourite of all…

Dry Burning and Pulsing your Coils: What You Need to Know…


Back in 2016, scientific friend to the vapersphere (and all-round good egg) Dr Kanstantinos Farsalinos inadvertently caused a kerfuffle by discussing “dry burning” coils in an interview on what was the old Ry4 vape radio channel. Concerns fluttered across the internets that we were exposing ourselves to potential unknown harms when building and maintaining our wire and coils for vaping. We panicked. We argued. We consulted arcane metallurgic grimoires and tomes. But mostly we just argued, nothing much actually happened, and the rest, as they say, is confined to the lore of vape history….


But some effects of that discussion remain. With the massive popularity of complex coils like Fused, Staple Staggered Fused and Alien Clapton coils, and their increasing use amongst folk relatively new to the rebuildable atomiser world, people are (quite rightly) asking questions about the materials and techniques they’re now using. They want to know how to correctly make their resistance wire work properly for them. They want to know what’s the best way for them to clean their coils. They want to know how to make their wire and coils last as long as they possibly can. All of this this they want to do effectively, and most importantly, they want to do it safely.


Is dry burning and pulsing my coils going to make me die? A reasonable question I’m sure most of us would agree.


Solving Vape Crime Together

Last week we highlighted a problem, but it isn’t fair to leave it hanging. Vape crime is serious and needs a serious solution. Stealthvape doesn’t have a solution, we have loads of them – and not one includes actually killing somebody. This may disappoint some of you, we suggest you make additional plans for that kind of thing and not involve us.

400 Watts?! Why??!!

400 Watts! Why??!!
Good question. A box mod with the ability to safely deliver 400 watts of power does at first glance appear to be a little bonkers. In an interview with DJLSB, Brandon from Evolv (the manufacturers of the DNA 250C board for modders) said 400 watts was unvapeable.Why? Because he’d tried it. So why would he make a board that does such a thing? I mean, surely the “wattage race” of a few years ago is over, right?
Fortunately there’s a bit more to it than just wattage willy-waving though. The DNA 250C board is a remarkable piece of electronic engineering. It features not only variable wattage, temperature control (all pioneered and developed by Evolv) but also utilises the groundbreaking “Replay” function. This function will work with any temperature sensitive wire material (such as Stainless Steel 316L, Titanium and NiFe30). Dubious results with Nichrome (Ni80 / Ni90) can be achieved but it is not recommended, and unpredictable Kanthal (although a mix of 316L and Kanthal can be used) is definitely unadvisable. This feature allows the vaper to simply adjust their vape to taste using wattage, then when they’ve found the “sweet spot” click “Save” and the device will enter “Replay” mode. This will then deliver the same vape experience to the user over and over until the atomiser runs low on liquid. At this point the useful temperature limiting of temp control kicks in and prevents any nasty and unpleasant “dry hit”. So at the push of a button you have the same sweet spot vape again and again until either you battery needs charging or you’re out of liquid. It’s like some sort of pleasurable vaping Groundhog Day. And almost as cool as Bill Murray. 

Evolv DNA250C – What we know so far

Evolv DN250C boards now available here

**Disclaimer, the following information is pieced together from the limited information we have been told by Evolv, along with a good helping of internet rumour. There may be inaccuracies, mistakes or complete fabrications**

Evolv are soon to release the long anticipated colour screen version of their 250 watt board the EVOLV DNA250C. While the name might suggest a 250w board with a colour screen, the 250C is actually much more than that boasting a peak wattage output of 400 watts if used with a 4s battery configuration and some interesting new features.

A Bunch Of Stunts

Advancements in the technology drove simple vaping into spawning offshoots, matched preferred styles to dedicated devices. Hole size and location, coil type and wicks, power variations and its delivery all created vaping niches – none of which is more spectacular than the vaping tricks scene that spawned from simple cloud competitions.