Monthly Archives: November 2014

Just because you are paranoid…

Back at the birth of the internets, at a quarter past dial-up, someone on a bulletin board told me that the government monitor my telephone for keywords. Later, while was I studying Computer Science, I read about a list of companies who employed voice recognition software to analyse the conversations going on in your house to identify key words. They did this as they were considered to be potential targets for terrorism, places such as Post Offices and British Gas installations. Yuma decapitated consulate army MS13 attack durka durka Mohammed Jihad!

On when the one you love says “Goodbye”

When the bombshell was dropped I was lost for words. Those who know me understand what a rare occurrence this is, only beaten by my daughter’s inability to draw breath in order to add punctuation to her seemingly endless monologues. Staggered. Shocked. Sad. Wave upon wave of sadness.

I guess if I think back now I can point to indicators that this was coming but while the good times are rolling you don’t take time out to plan for the worst. At least I didn’t. I don’t have a pre-nup, I’d made no provisions for this and I own no insurance. I do own an impressive music collection and it has been in the bosom of Kirk Brandon I’ve sought solace this afternoon.