Monthly Archives: April 2019


A long time ago, in a reality far far away, a man with a plan sat hand winding kanthal onto business cards, with a feverish mission to bring you the finest vape wire in the galaxy….
Some said he was crazy, many scoffed at such a sally, but the evidence is impossible to refute. Ok, we may be a little a bonkers (we’ll certainly give them that), but nearly eight years on our wire mission is totally and utterly well good. Clean, consistent and expertly reeled, we have built our success on providing only the best product to the best customers, and we really are very chuffed and excited about that.
So not only do most of our Kanthal, Ni80, 316L, Ni200 and NiFe reels already come with a whopping 50% extra free, but now there’s also a little something else. A little thank you for trusting our leap into the great unknown….