Monthly Archives: February 2019

** IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT ** The Future Is Happening Now

It’s time we Introduced our Non- Sibling Specific projects, Modparts and SV Supplies. And also something pretty damned big and exciting
The keen eyed amongst you will have spotted these already, and may have wondered what we’re up to. 
Basically, we’ve created two new divisions at Stealthvape. One to concentrate upon the wholesale distribution of specialist wires and one to focus upon supplies to the mod making community. 
But there’s also something else MASSSIVE that we’d like to tell you about. 
SV Support Ltd. has been formed as part of the Stealthvape Group, a company dedicated to handling the support services we provide to our corporate industry clients. This includes our work as the European & ROW Warranty/ Repair Centre for Evolv LLC and Lost Vape as well as exciting new future partnerships. 
As you can imagine, we think this is very good news.