Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Forthcoming Commons Ecig Debate

Stealthvape has obtained the script for next week’s PMQs where electronic cigarettes are discussed in earnest detail. It shocked us (as much as it probably does you) to discover that these things aren’t an open debate but a choreographed product constructed by big business and lobbyists. The PM was asked what his plans were; you will be amazed by his reply…

New Subohm Vaper Danger

Coils shorting and popping or cells being pushed outside of their limits – we are used to reading a litany of incidents occurring when vapers go sub. The media have made a meal out of the issues we are painfully too aware of but Stealthvape has become aware of a brand new danger this week. Informing you all is the only responsible thing to do and we hope that by doing so you will continue to have enjoyable and safe vaping experiences.