Monthly Archives: September 2017

The SV Exchange Programme

It’s easy at Christmas time, because if a present turns up that you don’t fancy it’s a simple trip into town on Boxing Day. One believable story later and a refund or exchange is complete. Mind you, it doesn’t work so well for in-laws. Fancy a life in leather trousers? Once ordered online, you get the chance to try to channel the spirit of Jim Morrison before exchanging them for some Chinos.

Say no to the EU vape tax

Hands up everybody who enjoys paying tax so much that they’d like to pay even more tax in the future? Hmm, it doesn’t seem as though there are many who would qualify as tax lovers. The EU Commission is currently asking for European citizens (of which we still are) for their ideas regarding placing an extra tax on vape equipment and liquids. If you haven’t already let them know what you think then you’ll need to hurry to beat the deadline.