Monthly Archives: June 2015

Seeking Justice

I’ve recently come across a court for vapers. It’s not a real court. It’s a group on a social media platform that offers to settle vaping community disputes. No police fabricating evidence but there may be men wearing wigs – I don’t judge. I can’t, I don’t have a gown. All told, it seems as palatable as having a strange person shouting abuse through my letterbox. It got me wondering if there wasn’t a better way for vapers to seek redress.

I hate failure

Life is nothing without failure; I used to tell this to a room of blank-faced teenagers. For some reason they failed to grasp how without Newton making mistakes we would not know that f=G*m1m2/r^2. They either failed to grasp it or were too busy wondering about when they could next nip behind some Portakabins to reply. Who’s having the last laugh now though, eh? Stupid students.