Evolv DNA 250

What benefits does this offer modders and vapers? The board is designed as an upgrade for the DNA 200 and consequently can be used as a drop-in replacement or as the heartbeat of a higher-powered mod. Back to back size comparisons can be seen below, the DNA 250 is on the right of both images. 

It uses a 2 or 3-cell Li-Po series voltage input. Obviously, as the name indicates, power output is raised from 200 watts to 250 watts. Another step forward is the improvement of 2 amps charging through a micro-USB port. Reduced charging times will lead to less time on the desk and more time in use.

With a 55 amps continuous the fuse has been revised to ensure safety. This is accompanied with the standard reverse polarity protection. Mounting points remain the same, along with screen/button/USB positions, enabling a simple upgrade from the DNA 200 board devices.

The board will deliver an improved vaping experience with stainless steel coils through a developed temperature control system. This upgrade is also available for the DNA 200 as a firmware update.

Other features include:

Temperature protection: vapour production will be maximised through coil monitoring. Toxin production resulting from high temperatures and dry burns is combatted as a result.

·      Pre-heating: additional watts are supplied to the coil in order to reach the working temperature as quickly as possible.

·      New atomiser/coil warning: the board identifies a change and allows setting adjustment to be made.

·      OLED screen: same size as the DNA 200 and replaceable.

·      Informative display – wattage, voltage, temperature, resistance, remaining charge, room temperature, coil material, energy of the most recent puff, puff duration, board temperature and puff count.

Finally, the board can be used with Evolv’s Escribe software. A video on how to use Escribe can be found here. An interactive training course from Evolv can be found here.